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Daily News Jixing 5/artura gt4/giulia

2022-06-24 09:35:15Automobile home

  [ Car home   Refit the planet ]  Good morning, star changers ! The key to a happy life , It's about choosing what's necessary first , Then love what you choose . Every day we will offer you the most cutting-edge 、 The coolest car 、 Modification information .

polestar 5 Officially unveiled at Goodwood speed Festival

   From the outside , polestar 5 Highly restored Precept Concept car design , The whole car looks very low and prone , The headlamp unit adopts the upper and lower split design , The tail lamp is very characteristic . It is worth mentioning that , polestar 5 The body will be bonded in one piece , It can ensure the rigidity of the car body , It can also ensure lightweight .

 Car home

 Car home

   motivation , The new car will be equipped with the top pure electric power system of Jixing , The new system is based on 800 V electrical architecture , The rear motor will provide excellent power output , Combined with high output front motor , Form a complete dual motor drive system , Maximum power available 884 horsepower .

Cloud review : Solving the problem of sales is the top priority !

2023 Mclaren Artura GT4

   The new car will be McLaren 570S GT4 Successor ,SRO GT4 specifications , This is the second car made by McLaren motor sports department (570S GT4 from CRS GT Research and development ). aesthetic ,Arura GT4 Equipped with a more aggressive aerodynamic package , Greater downforce can be achieved . The front diffuser and the large rear spoiler are specially customized , And the rear spoiler has seven adjustable functions , It also helps the car adapt to all types of circuits .

 Car home

 Car home

   Compared with 570S GT4, The new car will be equipped with a brand-new twin turbocharging V6 The engine , The new engine not only provides better dynamic response , It also provides a lower vehicle center of gravity , Further improve the control .

Cloud review :Artura( Parameters | inquiry ) This generation is the first McLaren to have GT3 and GT4 Super run .

alpha ・ Romeo. Giulia Speciale The official figure

   The new car adopts the exclusive green coating , Wear with black badge and multiple carbon fiber decorations , Highlight the sense of movement , collocation 19 Inch rim with yellow brake caliper , Further increases the fighting atmosphere . interiors , instrument panel 、 Carbon fiber decoration has been added to the center console and doors , Black leather seats with red stitching . It is worth mentioning that this car is a limited edition model specially built for the Italian market , limited 15 Taiwan Sales .

 Car home

 Car home

   motivation , New cars will carry 2.0T Four cylinder turbocharged engine , Maximum power up to 280 horsepower , Peak torque 415 cattle ・ rice , matching 8 Automatic transmission ,0-100 km / Hour acceleration 5.1 second . At the same time, the limited edition models will be equipped with adaptive shock absorber and limited slip differential as standard .

Cloud review : Although I can't buy it , But give Giulia The riders provided green color changing cases .

 Car home

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