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What are the advantages of the 2022 new Benz gla? Is it worth buying?

2022-06-24 09:39:52Wechat automobile

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According to the report , Beijing Benz official 2022 year 5 month 20 Announced Wednesday , all-new 2022 paragraph GLA Officially listed . New car launches 3 models , The manufacturer's suggested retail price range is 28.39-33.39 Ten thousand yuan . In terms of new cars, the previous GLA 180 Entry level models , And the new models are equipped with 2.0T The engine , Fully upgraded power and rich intelligent technology configuration , It is bound to be favored by more young consumers .


These are new models 2022 Mercedes GLA Official guidance price .


Image From a physical point of view , New Mercedes Benz GLA There is not much modification on the shape , Basically consistent with the cash , The length, width and height of the car body are respectively 4427x1834x1610mm, The wheelbase is 2729mm. The car head adopts the style of Mercedes Benz coupe series , Single hollow air inlet grille , Highly recognizable LED Daytime running light 、 The body waistline with a strong sense of strength and the front and rear chrome plated underbody guards , Let the vehicle create a whole vehicle shape with a sense of battle .

Image In terms of interior upholstery , Mercedes Benz's interior has always been recognized as excellent ; The new 2022 Mercedes GLA The standard configuration of all models is double 10.25 Inch screen , carrying MBUX Intelligent human-computer interaction system , Support natural speech recognition 、 Gaode customized navigation , Bring more intelligence 、 Convenient driving experience . among GLA 220 And GLA 220 4MATIC The car is equipped with 64 Color environment atmosphere lighting system , Bring different driving experiences to drivers and passengers in different environments .

besides ,GLA 220 4MATIC The model is also equipped with front seat heating function , Improve driving comfort . Other configuration aspects ,2022 paragraph GLA Equipped with a number of intelligent driving assistance technologies , Including path based speed adjustment function with intelligent pilot distance limit function 、 Active brake assist 、 with 360° Intelligent parking with camera, etc , Escort for travel .

Image In terms of motivation ,2022 paragraph GLA 200 It has been upgraded in terms of power , The model continues to carry 1.3T In line four cylinder engine , The maximum output power is 163 horsepower (120kW), Peak torque reach 250 cattle · rice .GLA 220 And GLA 220 4MATIC The car is equipped with 2.0T In line four cylinder engine , matching 8 Fast double clutch gearbox , bring 190 horsepower (140kW) Maximum output power and 300 cattle · Peak torque in meters .

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