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Ningwang's Kirin battery is of great significance to us!

2022-06-24 09:40:03Wechat automobile

today “ Ningde times releases Kirin battery ” The topic of , Hit the microblog hot search

One netizen said :1000 Km range , Fuel trucks are about to be put to an end ?

It is reported that , Kirin battery pioneered the large area cooling technology of battery cells , Support 5 Minute quick hot start and 10 Minute quick charge , The whole vehicle can be realized 1000 Km range . Kirin battery will be available in 2023 It's on the market in mass production , The power is higher than that of Tesla 4680 Battery system upgrade 13%.


This battery of Ningde times is of great significance , In the future, electric vehicles can be easily realized 1000 Km range , And the charging time may be shorter , Faster charging , And if the cost is still reduced , Then the competitiveness of new energy vehicles will be stronger in the future , Then new energy vehicles will probably replace fuel vehicles faster .

China 2021 Annual automobile output 2609 ten thousand , Biti 2、3 The total sales volume is even more , With the continuous development of new energy vehicles , China's automobile industry is about to grow from big to strong .

This time we should thank ZELINSKY !

If Zelinski had not provoked the war between Russia and Ukraine . Push up the international oil price , Electric vehicle sales may not explode !

If the Kirin battery can put out Japanese cars , Strategic significance


Why can Chinese auto companies challenge the core enterprises in Europe and Japan ? China has reached this stage , We can treat European and Japanese enterprises equally , Each have advantages and disadvantages . To the United States IT There are still some gaps between giants , But what are the advantages and disadvantages of European and Japanese enterprises , Basically quite clear , I can challenge you .

The appearance of Kirin battery , Here comes the chance to reshuffle the cards . Such big opportunities are really rare .

If the rise of Huawei has little impact on Japan , But the rise of new energy vehicles is different , Japan's GDP Forty percent of it comes from the contribution of the automobile industry , If new energy vehicles can break down the Japanese automobile industry , Japan will fall by half .

Cars are not just finished products , It also includes car glass , Metal material , Automotive electronics and other upstream and downstream products .

Automobile and related industries account for... Of Japan's industrial exports 50%, I don't know how many people I have supported .

But now something is wrong with this industry , Japan used to export a lot of auto parts to South Korea .

Korean automobile association released data , 2021 year , Auto parts imported from China , from 2000 Year of 1.8% Rise to 34.9%.

And the auto parts imported from Japan , From 2000 Year of 45.5% Down to 11.6%, The root cause is that electric vehicles are replacing fuel vehicles .

Korea imports cathode materials from China every year , Proportion up to 83%.

Anode material , Electrolyte and diaphragm exceed 60%.

Graphite, manganese, cobalt and nickel account for 100%, 93%, 82%, 65%, 59%.

The electric car industry is falling apart , The old world pattern , Japan and Germany can't keep up with the times .

Toyota and Volkswagen have to kneel , Byds are 2025 To 2030 It should dominate the global auto market in .

The auto industry will be completely controlled by BYD , China's electric vehicle industry , The attack on Japan , Is the most deadly .

The Chinese automobile Corps headed by BYD , Will create a large number of high paying jobs , China will dominate the automobile industry for a long time , And Japan will completely fall into the cloud .

Let them lose the global market , Scrap of overseas fixed assets , No profit input , Completely destroy their industry , From then on, there is no chance to turn the tables .

Not used with mobile phones , electric vehicle , BYD has basically controlled the whole industrial chain ( Including chips ), No one can get in our necks .

So it seems like a small step , But a big step , The real ebb and flow , Real close combat !

At present, except for real estate , The automobile industry has the largest proportion in the industrial chain !

No country can maintain long-term prosperity through real estate !

Excessive leverage in real estate tends to suppress consumption in other industries . We obviously don't want the real estate to overheat again .

And the automobile has the attribute of developing science and technology , It has the attribute of domestic substitution , There is also the attribute of making money by exporting .

New energy vehicles have been given the leading industry to pull the economic recovery .

You can look forward to the future , The streets are full of new energy vehicles , And most of them are domestic brands , Including luxury domestic new energy vehicles , Every month, the customs will report how many millions of new energy vehicles have been exported to overseas markets ! Just like the original Japan !

At present, the future capital market has been extremely clear !

China's most advanced productive forces represent , The best business model , It is about new energy —— Smart tram

The biggest beneficiaries are Ningde times and BYD

Investment should be forward-looking , Don't fry the low-end manufacturing industry of real estate finance and insurance .

Finally, turn to an article , Why does Japan take the national effort to develop hydrogen energy batteries , And China's BYD , Ningde era is vigorously developing ternary batteries ?



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