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The accident killed two Weilai testers. How dangerous is the car test?

2022-06-24 09:40:14Wechat automobile

In recent days, , A group of pictures and videos of Weilai automobile test vehicle falling from a high place quickly spread on the Internet .


according to the understanding of , The accident happened in 6 month 22 Japan 17 when 22 a.m. , At that time, it was located at Antuo Road, Anting town 56 Shanghai automobile innovation port 8 building 3 A Wei Lai test car in the building fell from a high place , As a result, Du and Zhang were injured . Two test drivers were rescued by Anting fire rescue personnel and handed over to 120, Then they were sent to Anting Dongfang Hepatobiliary Hospital for treatment . Among them, Du died due to ineffective rescue , The effect of Zhang's operation in the hospital is not good , On 23 He was declared dead in the early morning of the th .


6 month 23 Japan 20 when 33 branch , Wei Lai official responded to this matter by saying “6 month 22 Japan 17 when 20 about , A Wei Lai test vehicle fell from the third floor of Shanghai innovation port parking building , Two digital cockpit testers were killed , One of them is a colleague of the company , The other is a partner employee . We are very sad about the accident , Express deep condolences to the dead colleagues and partner employees . The company has set up a special team , Help family members deal with the aftermath . After the accident , The company immediately cooperated with the public security department to start the accident cause investigation and analysis program . According to the analysis of the site conditions, it can be preliminarily confirmed , It was an accident , It has nothing to do with the vehicle itself .”


at present , Weilai automobile and relevant departments said that the cause of the accident was under investigation . Observe according to the pictures and videos of the accident scene , The accident car came from 3 floor ( Visually more than 10 rice ) Fall from a height of , The four wheels of the whole vehicle hit the ground . It is speculated that the test vehicle may have a sudden high-speed reverse , Broke through the outer wall of the building and fell to the ground , It is impossible to judge whether the accident was caused by misoperation or vehicle fault .


This also makes people worry , How dangerous is the job of car tester and Test Engineer ?

Actually , In the history of automobile development , It is not uncommon for a tester or engineer to die as a result of an accident during automobile testing . Especially when the early test conditions are not complete , For the engineers involved in the test , Every test is fraught with uncertain dangers .

The Mercedes Benz chassis code is W111 Mercedes Benz 220、220S、220SE Take the car test as an example , In order to conduct the first real vehicle crash test in human history , Mercedes Benz in 1959 year 10 In June, a test track was built at the sindfingen factory in Germany , Let a car full of Dummies W111 Car crash 17 Tons of fixed obstacles .


Because the vehicle traction system used in the crash test was not reliable , So the engineers of Mercedes Benz invented a kind of steam propulsion device , Fill one with 260℃ Steam tank for high pressure steam , Drive the vehicle on the track . And if this iron can full of high-pressure steam explodes , Theoretically, it is no less powerful than a small bomb , It is a great threat to all test engineers on site .

With the development of the times , today , The working environment and safety conditions of most automobile testers and test engineers have been greatly improved , More and more professional commissioning sites and test regulations 、 Better vehicle safety performance , Are reducing the risk of testing .

however , As with cars , Especially a group of people who deal with test vehicles that have not yet been finalized for mass production and marketing , There are still risks at work . Even sometimes , There will still be life-threatening accidents .


2017 year 1 month 3 On the afternoon of Sunday , There was an accident on the performance road of Beijing Tongzhou automobile testing ground , A baowo painted with camouflage color SUV Collided with a white FAW pickup truck , Two people died 、 Two people were seriously injured . It is reported that , The cause of the accident is that both sides have a fast speed and some control test actions , The two cars collided due to the inexperience of the driver .

Besides , With new energy 、 The number of smart cars is increasing , There are more and more related tests . Such as electrical system 、 Safety inspection of multi-functional systems such as automatic driving , Automobile testers and test engineers are often required to take part in the battle in person , The danger in work objectively exists . So , Our country has established 8 A national automatic driving test base , So as to ensure the safety in the automatic driving test .


For road test drivers and engineers , It often requires frequent round trips to high temperatures 、 Alpine 、 High altitude area , The road conditions are complicated 、 The conditions are hard , There is also the possibility of encountering safety accidents objectively .

To make a long story short , From the development of automobile testing and the accident of Weilai test vehicle , It's not hard for us to see , The danger of automobile testing has been greatly reduced compared with the past , But obviously, it cannot be completely eliminated . Want to avoid safety accidents as much as possible , It is still the best way to follow the safety rules and regulations carefully .

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