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After all these years, these two are still family cars with invincible functions?

2022-06-24 09:45:57Wechat automobile


The hottest car in the current market , Not SUV Perhaps judge of particulars, . But do you know , In China's Hong Kong market , The best selling car has always been MPV, They named this car “7 Man car ”.

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The name is very popular , Can hold 7 People call it 7 Man car . But what Hong Kong people mean 7 Man car , Actually, it comes from English people carrier—— A car designed to carry people .

This is complicated , As long as the car has seats , Can't they all carry people ? Then you should think clearly , Can carry people , And dedicated to carrying people , It's different .


The popular six / The seven seat SUV, Is it a vehicle designed to carry people ? answer : Not at all . Only MPV From the root of design , Designed to carry people .

Above bedding , I want to make it clear to you that Odyssey 、 Alison , Even GL8 This kind of MPV Designed for . Some friends often ask , Odyssey or Highlander ? A friend who asks this question just doesn't understand ,MPV The essence of .


Today's video , I got two “7 Man car ” Representative models of , Odyssey and Allison . They come from two Honda joint venture brands in China , It's a mold , But there are some differences and trade-offs .

This video mainly answers two questions : If you hesitate between these two cars , I will tell you which car is more suitable for you ; If you are in the MPV and SUV Hesitation or uncertainty , What kind of family car should I choose , After watching this video , I believe you will be one step closer to the answer you want .

Comparative evaluation —— Honda Odyssey 、 Alison
by YYP

Test run maniac YYP:
Ideal L9 Mercedes AMG EQS Polar krypton 001AITO Ask boundary M5 Byd han DM-i

A beautiful trickle :
lexus RZ tanks 500 Byd han EV Qianshancui Limited Edition BMW i7&7 system tanks 500 Haze map FREE

Big brother of new energy :
Wei to ES7 Mitsubishi artuko Honda e:NP1 Extremely surging 1 Goodway E.5 Mercedes EQS SUV Co creation Z03

Ah Zhuo, a science man who loves to refit :
Changan dark blue SL03 Chery tiggo or dingle 8 PLUS Kun Peng e+ Toyota bZ4X Mazda CX-5 Zero run C01

A Shan, a little expert in shopping guide :
Chang'an Auchan Z6 Chery omenda BMW 1 system Geely Perry COOL Teng potential D9 Geely emgrand L hybrid

There is a saying, Miss yuan :
Citroen Versailles C5 X Subaru Tiger Lincoln Z Modern yakos Citroen C6

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