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Battle for the city of newly built cars: has Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai won Beijing, Guangzhou and Shenzhen?

2022-06-24 09:49:26Shentu

 picture source @ Vision China

picture source @ Vision China

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automobile , Has been closely tied to the city . Whether in the era of fuel vehicles “ Auto City ” battle , Or in the era of electric vehicles “ The capital of new energy ”, Are the products of the interaction between cars and cities .

A company headquarters , A car factory , May change the development track of a city . And a city , It may also save a car brand from fire and water , Help potential manufacturers 、 Send a ride .

Early years , Many cities are famous for cars . For example, Changchun , The reason why it occupies a place in China's automobile industry is that FAW ; Another example is Wuhan , Because ERW ( dongfeng ) Laid the foundation for the automobile industry .

China's six major state-owned automobile enterprises —— faw 、 Erqi 、 changan 、 saic 、 GAC 、 baic , It just corresponds to the six major automobile industry towns : changchun 、 wuhan 、 Chongqing 、 Shanghai 、 Guangzhou 、 Beijing , This has laid the basic framework for the urban pattern of China's automobile industry .

Now , With the explosion of new energy industry , This pattern began to loosen .

Some cities in Zhejiang have risen , A number of new forces for making cars were born ; Anhui relies on OEM and venture capital , Standing on a new era of wind ; Jiangsu has been working hard , But there are also many trampling holes ; Shanghai is still as strong as ever ; Changchun seems to be silent ……

Between the new city and the old city , The galloping new energy vehicles , A crack was broken . In this gap , Some new forces of making cars have come out .

Shenzhen transit has taken stock of those active new car manufacturing companies , And their headquarters 、 The city where the factory is located , And compared the traditional urban pattern . Through this inventory , We may be able to see , In the next decade , Which cities can continue to enjoy the bonus of car making .

25 New forces of home-made cars , Where are the headquarters ?

The headquarters of the new forces of making cars , It overlaps with traditional automobile enterprises , It's a big difference .

Deep path sifted 25 New forces of home-made cars , After a few years of scouring the sand , They are still building cars 、 Sell cars , Or a new car is about to be delivered .

Shanghai is the most popular city among the new forces of car making . The company that chose Shanghai as its headquarters has Weilai 、 Goodway 、 Gao He 、 Set degree 、 Love Chi 、 Luoke automobile , It accounts for the highest proportion of all cities .

These companies are all star players in the industry . Wei Lai was the first one to go public in the US , Weima was once a member of the first echelon of the new forces , Gao he is 50 The sales of high-end new energy models with more than 10000 yuan are the top , Jidu is the product of Baidu's own car making . Except for Jidu and roke automobile , Other brands of cars have been delivered in mass production .

all the time , Shanghai plays an important role in China's car making map . Yangtze River Delta automobile industry cluster in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui , Shanghai is the central city , SAIC is the core of the industrial chain , SAIC was once the largest automobile group in China . Now it is the era of new energy vehicles , The importance of Shanghai has not diminished .

Outside Shanghai , The headquarters cities of other new car building forces are very scattered , There is no such centralized gathering of traditional car companies . We can only divide it again by area .

The first is the Yangtze River Delta , Except Shanghai , Zhejiang 、 The performance of the two provinces in Jiangsu is quite brilliant .

The new forces of car making with their headquarters in Zhejiang Province have zero running 、 Which zha 、 Horizon 、 Zhidou , Zero run and Nezha are star car making companies , The headquarters are respectively in Hangzhou 、 jiaxing , Their monthly sales volume reached the top two of the new forces of car making . Zero run has already submitted a prospectus for listing in Hong Kong stocks , Nezha was almost there . Tianji and Zhidou belong to the declining new forces , Barely make ends meet .

Cow innovative energy 、 Future car 、 SKYWORTH is headquartered in Jiangsu Province , The backgrounds of the three companies are very different . Niu innovative energy is Li Yinan's second venture , From two wheeled electric vehicles to four wheeled electric vehicles , It is a typical new force in the way of playing ; Future auto is the first auto enterprise in China to truly produce sports cars in mass production , Among the new forces, they were the first to get “ Double qualification ”, But it was discontinued a few years ago , Just recently “ resurrection ”; SKYWORTH Automotive is the founder of Skyworth Group, huanghongsheng, who was in 2011 Car making project founded in , The car has been sold overseas .

The Pearl River Delta region is dominated by Guangzhou 、 Shenzhen is the main position , Traditional automobile enterprises have a deep foundation here , BYD 、 Auto enterprises such as gac-e'an are also transforming into new energy rapidly , But there are not many new forces that can make cars .

It is worth mentioning that Xiaopeng automobile , Xiaopeng is headquartered in Guangzhou , yes 2021 The sales champion of the new forces of car making in . in addition , Evergrande motor moved its headquarters from Shenzhen to Guangzhou last year , The company's shares have not resumed trading until now . There is also a claim “ Capital integration makes cars ” The age of light orange , The founder used to play games , last year 11 The month official announced to build a car , Headquartered in Guangzhou .

Beijing is an important automobile enterprise headquarters in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region . Although we missed Wei Lai in building new forces for cars , But the harvest of ideals and millet . The ideal headquarters is in Shunyi , Xiaomi is headquartered in Yizhuang , They are all big projects . in addition , Baidu headquarters is also in Beijing , Baidu's car building projects are concentrated , Although the headquarters is located in Shanghai , But it is rumored that it will also set up dual headquarters in Beijing .

thus , A new force of making cars with great prestige , Basically, it has been divided up . overall , Shanghai 、 Beijing 、 Zhejiang 、 jiangsu 、 Guangdong is the preferred headquarters .

In addition to the company headquarters , New forces of car building will also set up brand headquarters 、 Research and development center , Easy to attract talents , At this time, Beijing 、 Shanghai has obvious advantages .

Ideal 、 Niuchuangxin energy is not headquartered in Shanghai , But they all set up R & D centers in Shanghai , Nezha took Shanghai and Beijing “ Dual R & D centers ”, Xiaomi gets land in Shanghai , Or pave the way for the R & D center , Niu innovative energy has set up its brand headquarters in Beijing .

Finally, the layout of the factory , Very different from the headquarters of the company .

Subject to environmental protection policies and land use costs , Unless it is a car making project of a special star , Shanghai 、 Beijing is generally not the first choice for building factories . Tesla set up a factory in Shanghai , They crowded out Wei Lai , As a result, Wei Lai had to leave Hefei far away . Weima, headquartered in Shanghai 、 Set degree 、 Love Chi 、 Luoke automobile , No factory has been built in Shanghai , Only Evergrande automobile, once rich and powerful , Built the factory in Shanghai .

From Shanghai “ Away from home ” Car brands , Built the factory at a lower cost 、 Surrounding cities with complete supporting industries . such as , Weima's two factories are located in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province and Huanggang, Hubei Province , Gaohe's factory is in Yancheng, Jiangsu Province , Aichi is located in Shangrao, Jiangxi and Changshu, Jiangsu , Luoke automobile is in Wuhu, Anhui Province .

Guangzhou 、 wuhan 、 Chongqing and other cities with good automobile industry foundation , It has also become the preferred factory site for new forces of car making . Xiaopeng's three factories are in Zhaoqing 、 Guangzhou 、 wuhan , Ideal will also build a factory in Chongqing , Evergrande motor took a large piece of land in Guangzhou to build a factory , It's just that the car hasn't been mass produced .

The important automobile cities in the era of fuel vehicles in the three northeast provinces , I suddenly lost my voice when I was transforming into a new energy vehicle . On the new car , Not only is the layout of traditional car companies slow , There are few new forces to build cars to settle in the three northeastern provinces .

Car making , Can you overtake a city on a curve ?

In this wave of new energy vehicles , The layout is the most active 、 The most effective city , Many are concentrated in the Yangtze River Delta . Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai and Anhui , These four provinces and cities not only have a group of old car makers , It has also cultivated a number of new forces .

In the past , This area is centered on Shanghai , The industrial supporting facilities that Shanghai cannot undertake or let go , Just move around , Mainly Zhejiang and Jiangsu , This has driven the development of the surrounding auto parts industry .

For example, Zhejiang , The auto parts industry is very developed , Hangzhou 、 ningbo 、 Taizhou 、 jinhua , Are important manufacturing bases , There are countless manufacturers of large and small parts . But in the vehicle factory , Except Geely , The second echelon has no outstanding brands . And Geely has done a lot in electrification in the past few years , But the results are not good .

Coincidentally, , Zero run 、 Nezha, the two new forces of making cars , They were all born in Zhejiang , Zero runs in Hangzhou , Nezha was in Jiaxing . In the past few years, there have been so many new forces for making cars , The peak period is as many as 80 Multiple , In the end, most of them were eliminated , Zero run and Nezha are rare and reliable .

If you look further away , Weima also has deep roots with Zhejiang . Shenhui, founder of Weima, started his business from Geely , He was vice president of Geely Group , It is the hero of Geely's acquisition of Volvo . But Weima didn't put its headquarters in Zhejiang , But went to Shanghai , But Weima's first factory was in Wenzhou .

Zero run 、 Which zha 、 Goodway , Now it is regarded as the second echelon of car making in the industry , Second only to Weilai 、 Xiao peng 、 Ideal , Their appearance has given Zhejiang a sense of existence in the new energy vehicle building map .

however , Zero run and Nezha were not favored at the beginning , Only later did it emerge .

About Zero run , There's another episode .

last year 1 month , Zero run complete B When financing round , Hefei state owned assets participated in the investment for the first time , And plan on the next round of Pre-IPO Continue to invest , He also invited zero to build a factory in Hefei .

Liurong, an investor who has long paid attention to the automotive industry, said to Shentu , The headquarters of Zero run was originally in Hangzhou , But I accepted the investment from Hefei ,Pre-IPO Whether to choose Hefei or Hangzhou for investment in the round , Swaying .“ Of course, Hangzhou can't just watch ‘ The children raised by themselves have gone to other families ’”, Just invest towards zero 30 Billion .

After getting the capital injection from Hangzhou , Zero runs are considered stable , Then the construction of the second factory in Qiantang new area was started , Plus Jinhua factory , The two Zero run factories are located in Zhejiang Province .

Nezha is 2019 Years ago, it was very difficult . Wang Wenwen, chairman of Huaxia Xingfu, was the controlling shareholder of Nezha ,2018 China's happiness fund was in short supply in , Wang Wenwen sold Nezha's controlling shares to the outside world , At that time, Yichun Municipal government took over the offer , Just saved Nezha .

Its geographical location is not inferior to that of Jiangsu Province, Zhejiang Province , In the wave of new energy vehicles , It also makes great efforts , But the effect is not as good as that of Zhejiang .

Just like Zhejiang , Jiangsu is also an important auto parts production province , We will spare no effort to develop new energy vehicles , But it's a pity. , There are three famous in the industry “ Thunderstorm ” project —— Sai Lin 、 Thanks to its 、 Bo shire , They are all in Jiangsu .

Sailin car cost Rugao government 60 More than , Only a few dozen have been built “ Old man music ”, The former chairman of the board was reported to have been short selling a white wolf , Finally, the company's assets were sealed up for auction . Byteng is supported by Nanjing municipal government , Burn up 80 More than 100 million yuan have not produced mass production vehicles , It was finally liquidated in bankruptcy . Bojun auto, also headquartered in Nanjing , Planned to invest in 100 Billion to build a factory in Nanjing , Finally, it was liquidated by bankruptcy .

Only Skyworth , Now the new car is delivered steadily every month , However, Skyworth still has a big gap with the new power of head car making .

Last , Jiangsu still returns to the parts manufacturing process , This is what it has been good at , Become an important manufacturing base for new energy vehicles .

For example, Changzhou , A factory with ideal cars , Ideal for all the cars sold in the past two years , All from Changzhou factory . The factory of Niu innovative energy is also in Changzhou . besides , Gaohe is also a new force in building cars with factories in Jiangsu 、 Love Chi 、 Polar fox 、 Horizon 、 Future, etc .

Car making industry , A win-win situation for local governments and automobile enterprises ?

Car making is an industry , It is also a business . Looking at this business , Not only the major enterprises , And local governments . Review of history , Whether it's a fuel truck , Or new energy vehicles , No car company can exist without local support .

It is difficult for us to conclude that , It is the automobile that makes the city , Or did the city make cars , Because the two are inseparable .

Liu Rong thought , Making cars is not a good business in essence , Because of heavy assets 、 Low gross profit .“ For financial investors , Whether it's ROE Or Maori 、 Net profit is very low , A little improper cost control will lead to a loss .”

however , The scale effect of car building is very strong , Large output value , High taxes , Increase employment , It is of great value to the local government ,“ So this industry is basically supported by the government .”

Over the past few years , Many local governments have issued various preferential policies , Attract new car brands to settle down , It is also a ticket to new energy reform , Build a local automobile industry chain . Company headquarters 、 Research and development center 、 Factory location , Are the focus of their contention . Car companies are also among them , I got a free ride from the policy , Take the opportunity to grow .

Some car brands not only cooperate with the government , And doing business with the government .

For example, Nezha, who started in Tongxiang, Jiaxing , In the early days, he got a lot of support from Tongxiang government . Nezha launched an official vehicle specially for the local government , The second car, Nezha U Just one month after its launch , A delivery ceremony for official vehicles was held in Tongxiang municipal government square , The vice president of the company put an enlarged car key , Handed over to the relevant leaders of Tongxiang City . last year 5 month , Which zha U Pro Four new customized models , Specifically for the official vehicle market .

The particularity of Nezha company lies in , For historical reasons , It is not just related to a local government , And the real money is still out of town .

After Yichun State-owned Investment in Nezha , Nanning state owned Assets Management Bureau also invests . And then , They all brought Nezha into the local construction factory . In Nanning , Nezha is a local landmark major industrial project , The completion acceptance of the project was completed at the end of last year , You can see in the subway “ Nanning people drive Nanning cars ” Advertisements .

For car manufacturers and local governments , Car making , Without stepping on thunder , Can often achieve a win-win situation .

BYD is also a model of close integration with local governments . BYD is a star car company in Shenzhen , In shenzhen, , Taxis running all over the street 、 online car-hailing 、 Electric bus , BYD can be seen everywhere .

BYD's sales in major cities across the country , Shenzhen ranks first , Foshan ranks second . And the sales volume of Guangdong Province , It accounts for more than 20% of BYD's total national sales .

After Weilai got the investment from Hefei Municipal Government , Put the Chinese headquarters in Hefei , At the same time, some R & D and production are also centered on Hefei , Jianghuai Weilai's new factory continues to settle in Hefei . Xinqiao phase II factory in Weilai , The construction has been started for more than one year , Wei to ET5 The first batch of full process production line trial production vehicles have been completed here . Hefei also passed the classic case of Weilai , It has won the ticket of the new energy era .

Next , There will also be a number of car making projects growing up , Xiaomi car 、 Set degree , And Didi's car building project , All have something to do with Beijing . before , Beijing already has an ideal car , And BAIC Motor Co., Ltd., which has launched the brand of Jihu . With the development of the industry , More cities will reap dividends in the future .

* Respondent's request , Liu Rong is an alias .

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