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Electric vehicles may account for 33% of the total global automobile sales in 2028

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  [ Car home   information ]  recently , Consultancy, AlixPartners Express , As demand accelerates in most major markets , To 2028 year , Electric vehicles will account for... Of global car sales 33%, To 2035 In, the proportion will reach 54%. by comparison , last year , Electric vehicles account for... Of the total global car sales 8%, First quarter of this year , This proportion is slightly lower than 10%.

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  AlixPartners In its year 《 Global automotive Outlook 》(Global Automotive Outlook) Said at the conference , To support this need , Automakers and suppliers expect , from 2022 Year to 2026 year , They will invest at least in electric vehicles and batteries 5260 Billion dollars , Yes, the company 2020 to 2024 Global electric vehicle investment expectation in 2340 More than twice the billion dollars .

  AlixPartners Co head of automotive business Mark Wakefield Express , These higher investments “ Now the growth of electric vehicles is inevitable ”.Wakefield Supplementary name , In the transformation from internal combustion engine vehicle to electric vehicle , The automotive industry still faces economic and supply chain challenges . He said , This transformation requires a change in “ Major changes in the operation mode , It is not just factories and workers that need to change , And the whole way it works ”.

  Wakefield Also called , Some companies will benefit from splitting up their internal combustion engine and electric vehicle businesses .AlixPartners Co head of automotive business Elmar Kades said , The shift from internal combustion engine vehicles to electric vehicles will enable automobile manufacturers and suppliers to 2030 Annual accumulated losses 700 Billion dollars , Including bankruptcy and reorganization .

  AlixPartners It is expected that the tight supply will continue until 2024 year , It is expected that the total global auto sales will fall to 7900 Thousands of cars , To 2024 The year will climb again to 9500 Thousands of cars . among , U.S. auto sales are expected to be in 2023 Rose to 1600 Thousands of cars , stay 2024 reach 1750 Thousands of cars , To 2025 - 2026 The year will fall again .( compile / Car home Xue Lian Zhang )

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