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The driver's car in the new energy era, the BYD seal sells for 209,800 yuan to 286,800 yuan

2022-07-29 19:02:11Meiqing Fast Track

On July 29, the most noteworthy new energy vehicle of the year, the BYD Seal, was officially launched, with four models priced at 209,800 yuan to 286,800 yuan.Seal, a masterpiece of e-platform 3.0 technology, will start new car deliveries next month. The exclusive Changzhou factory will also increase production capacity at full capacity, and "return to the leopard" for users who support Seal.

In addition to the price surprise, Seal has also upgraded the product configuration. Users of Seal's 650km four-wheel drive performance version can obtain the iTAC intelligent torque distribution system for free through OTA remote upgrade, allowing ordinary usersIt is easy to upgrade to high-energy players; and for the thermal insulation of the panoramic roof that everyone is concerned about, Seal will give away sunshades to all systems, giving users a more intimate car experience.

"Marine Aesthetics" has evolved again, and the posture of the seal is dynamic and elegant

Based on the design concept of younger and more energy-oriented "ocean aesthetics", Seal inherits the essence of the Ocean X concept car, with a sharp shape, a low body posture, and the ultimate movementsense.The perfect body proportions with short front and rear overhangs and long wheelbase give people a strong sense of sportiness and elegance at a glance.The interior style and appearance of the seal are highly unified, with a light and smooth curve outline and various marine elements, creating a soft, flexible and vibrant overall atmosphere.

"Four first sets" blessing, seal sports attributes are full

BYD Seal is the first to use CTB battery-body integration technology, iTAC intelligent torque distribution technology, rear-wheel drive/four-drive structure, front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension.Due to the empowerment of CTB technology, the torsional stiffness of the seal's body reaches 40,500Nm/°, reaching the level of a million-dollar luxury car, which greatly improves the dynamic limit of the vehicle.The advantages of wishbone and rear five-link suspension are fully utilized.

SEAL has a golden axle-to-load ratio of 50:50, a low center of mass, and a low moment of inertia. In corners, not only does the rear move faster, but the body posture is also more stable. Not only is it easy to drive,more fun.With the iTAC system, the SEAL 650km four-wheel drive performance version can make it easy for everyone to become a high-performance player and fully enjoy the driving fun.

As ​​a masterpiece of e-platform 3.0 technology, BYD Seal will bring users high-quality driving texture and travel experience.At present, its orders have exceeded 60,000, and it is a veritable marine "leopard" model. The exclusive factory in Changzhou will also live up to expectations and fully put into production. It is believed that BYD Seal will become the technology of the pure electric vehicle market with its leading technology and hard-core product strength.New benchmark.

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