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Chery's little ant brakes fail, so will love eventually disappear?

2022-07-29 19:04:40car dynamics

In uncertain times, you don't know which comes first, tomorrow or the accident.

Last night, two dancers of the Hong Kong men's group that held a concert at the Hong Kong Red Pavilion were hit by a giant screen that fell from the sky. In the worst case, if they did not recover well, they would be permanently paralyzed from the neck down.For a 27-year-old dancer, it was like a thunderbolt.

Anyone should be prepared to face risks at any time, and as a car company, they should have a greater sense of responsibility.

Chery, as an old-fashioned car company among my country's independent auto brands, although the layout of new energy products is not as good as that of BYD, it is still "both children and children", with low-end Jietu and high-end Xingtu, as well as new energy plans.

Speaking of Chery's new energy layout, the little ant must be a model that cannot be avoided, and it is also an early entry into the new energy model, but it is also a mini car, with the Wuling Hongguang MINIEV in front of it "blocking the road", the little ant has a placeAlways limited, with an average monthly sales of 7/8000 units.

Although the Wuling Hongguang MINIEV cannot be sold, it cannot be considered ugly in appearance, and the point is that the configuration and materials are much higher than the Hongguang MINIEV, so many people come for the quality, and the recent quality problems,We have to pay attention.

According to our understanding from the vehicle quality network, there are more and more quality complaints about Chery Ants recently. There are many kinds of problems, but more focus on the motor and braking system, such as brake failure, motor failure, abnormalsqueaks, hard brakes, etc.And not just new for 2022, but more of a 2018 model.

An accelerator and a brake are the most frequently used functions on the vehicle. If these are all potential safety hazards, what is the safety at all?

According to the description of the complaining car owner on the platform, the brake failure has occurred three times, and the 4S shop could not detect the problem, but it does not mean that there is no problem.

Actually, Chery eQ1 electric vehicles have been recalled before, but they are all from 2018. The symptoms are not cured. What is most needed now is that Chery officials give a reasonable explanation. What do you think?

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