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In plateau between the clouds, and the second generation come changan CS75PLUS said come away trip

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cloudy sunset,苍山洱海,Stand out under the shade of the setting sun.Stand on the shore of cool breeze stroke,顿觉心旷神怡.

The mountains in the distance are tall, Cui Wei,Snow-white clouds piled up like a bun,People can't tell the origin of Cangshan's name because of the white clouds or the snow-capped peaks.近处,波光粼粼,Between the iris iris and the leaves of a lotus,There are three or two wild ducks cruising leisurely.They heard someone approaching from the shore,swept away in a hurry.


This rare beauty and quiet time,Can't help but be thrilled.不过,The scenery of Cangshan and Erhai is just the beginning for Xiaobian,Because the second generation participating this timeCS75PLUSTomorrow's Extreme Exploration Tour,Departure from Dali via Lijiang to Diqing300During the multi-kilometer plateau journey,We will experience the changing seasons as the altitude rises,More wonderful scenery is yet to come.

追风逐电,Ride happily on the plateau

7月27日,After setting off from the hotel on Erhai Lake in the morning,along the Dali Highway towards170The ancient city of Lijiang is 1000 meters away.相对而言,This highway is the best part of our trip.,You can experience Chang'an intuitivelyCS75PLUSsurging power at the same time,You can also enjoy the green mountains and rivers along the way.


路窄弯多,It is a major feature of Dali Expressway..Although the highway is in good condition,But compared to the spacious three lanes of other plains,There are only two lanes on the highway,Always feels a little tight,In addition, this road runs through the mountains all the way,The corners you pass through from time to time are extremely test driving skills.


But at such a high speed,Best for feeling the power and handling of the vehicle.试想,当你以120km/hWhen driving above the speed,That kind of driving pleasure is not experienced in the general urban expressway.

值得一提的是,The second generation of Changan we drove on this tripCS75PLUS的2.0T车型,搭载蓝鲸新一代2.0T发动机,最大功率为171kW,最大扭矩为390N·m,与之匹配的是一台爱信8AT变速箱,The driving experience is very good.


提速快、反应灵敏、操控灵动,是这辆CS75PLUSMy first impression.在高速公路上,The sense of acceleration at the touch of a button is very timely,no matter the altitude2000meters or altitude3000Roads over meters,The car has remained very strong power output.


After changing trains in Lijiang,The convoy left the highway passing by353国道和214国道,It even hovered in the mountains for nearly five hours..Because there are often some slow cars driving in front of the convoy along the way,So overtaking become accustomed to.


Overtaking on mountain roads is about being fast, accurate and decisive,start with less than50Km/hFollow the speed of slow movers behind the car,Once you see the time when there is no vehicle in the opposite direction,You have to step on the accelerator and overtake decisively..这时,The vehicle will be in a short3-4秒钟,将车速提高到100km/hThe above can safely achieve overtaking.

And in the process of continuous overtaking,CS75PLUSPerform well,在海拔超过3000米的高原,Zero-hundred acceleration is not ambiguous at all.Such excellent driving performance,In addition to the car's powerful dynamic performance,搭载的8ATThe gearbox is also an important reason,The rapid response also greatly improves the stability of the vehicle.


Walking on the top of colorful clouds,Sit and watch the scenery

“行到水穷处,坐看云起时”.Driving in Yunnan,The biggest feeling is that there are four seasons in one mountain,十里不同天,Beautiful scenery along the way.Especially when leaving the highway and driving on the national road,Everyone is attracted by the magnificent mountains, rivers and valleys from time to time,stop the car and shoot.


Because it is located on the southeastern edge of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau、横断山脉南段北端,So we go to Shangri-La from time to time with the canyon、The landscape that combines grassland and virgin forest passes by.And the vehicle is driving at the bottom of the valley from time to time,Sometimes it takes more time to drive on the road in the middle of the mountain,But when you see a breathtaking view,Still smile.


When the convoy took a nap in a mute,You stand on the edge of a cliff to see just after a mountain road,At this time in the bottomless canyon,Can not help but feel the magic of nature.放眼望去,Several Tibetan-style stone houses and wooden buildings can be clearly seen on the relatively flat hillside in the distance,At this time, the smoke is curling up,As if still can hear the crowing bark,It's like a paradise without competition from the world.

Overlooking the valley from above,A cloud that was originally as white as jade satin suddenly spread out like mist,After a while, the village I saw just now was hidden.And just when you're guessing which is the cloud and which is the mist,The hazy cloud is blowing in the mountain wind,disappeared again,It's amazing what nature can do.


The route we traveled on this trip was the ancient tea-horse road,But to experience the caravan culture in depth,Apart from exploring their footprints,Caravan also want to taste the food.On the noon of the team in the old town of lijiang,Let Xiaobian taste Yunnan caravan cuisine for the first time.


Speaking of caravan dishes,That is about to mention those rows in traffic underdeveloped s reject caravan of life.One is to replenish energy and the other is to make the ingredients last for a long time.,Therefore, caravan dishes are also heavy oil and heavy salt.,Similar to Sichuan cuisine.In addition on the ingredients,Horse gang dishes are also very local,For example, the Naxi grilled fish we had for lunch,凉拌豌豆粉,松茸刺身,Dried yak meat, etc.,Delicious and quick to provide the calories needed for hard-working caravans,So popular with locals.


When faster means of transportation appear,The once prosperous caravan has also disappeared in the long river of history.In recent years, with the rise of tourism industry,Caravan cuisine has become a major feature of the local attracting tourists.Friends who go to Lijiang Old Town to visit,Might as well experience it.


Take a break after meals,Xiaobian strolls through the quaint alleys,Find a quiet corner,Watch the icy snow-capped mountains melt water flowing along the stone canals,Suddenly there is an illusion of a small bridge and flowing water, a water town in the south of the Yangtze River..

Hanging a lot of love wishing cards on the wall along the ancient road,A gust of wind blows and shakes, it's very beautiful.Browse the above message,Some inscriptions are2019years or more.Can't help letting person suddenly feeling,Unconsciously, the epidemic has been three years.时光荏苒,More than one thousand days is enough to change a lot of things.who wrote these words on a wishing card,I don't know how things are going now?

Essential artifact for self-driving,Tomorrow's car lives up to its reputation

Yearning for poetry and distance,Some people tend to rely on the future,“Go there when you have time,”But there are also some people who love travel on the go,不负时光不负卿.而在小编看来,any kind of travel,you need oneCS75PLUS,Only tomorrow's cars can satisfy everyone's good wishes for tomorrow.As Uncle Ge's slogan said“where more people go”.已经有160Changan chosen by thousands of usersCS75,Nature is trustworthy.


And this time, the editor made a statement,从海拔2000Dali in meters to altitude3200Diqing,Experience the change of drop from canyon to mountain along the way,Driving the second generationCS75PLUSExcellent performance throughout,Impress me.

In addition to the strong momentum mentioned earlier,Let the team run freely on the plateau,Overtaking on narrow national roads,The car's large space、Intelligent technology and excellence through sex,It is also an indispensable assist artifact for long-distance self-driving.,It can be seen that tomorrow's car is by no means a vain name.


首先,Speaking of in-car comfort,The car is equipped with double12.3英寸液晶大屏、平底设计的方向盘、电动调节座椅、Yacht-style handlebars and soft leather materials,While greatly improving the high-end feeling of the vehicle,The large space also brings a very comfortable driving feeling.


身高170cmof men sitting in the front passenger seat can adjust the seat to a suitable angle,The toes do not reach the floor when the feet are fully extended.When sitting upright,There are two fists between the top of the head and the roof of the car,The knee is more than two fists away from the front backrest,When you are tired, you can stretch your feet,Sitting on large space of comfortable experience.


其次,Driving long distances is generally boring,CS75PLUSEquipped with the latest Wutong intelligent vehicle system,Not only supports Tencent and AutoNavi dual navigation,Also includes WeChat、QQ音乐、喜马拉雅、腾讯视频、抖音以及奇幻电影等,搭配SONY高品质音响,All the way to listen to songs online,Enrich your life on the road.


值得一提的是,CS75PLUS搭载的智能W-HUDsystem and new generationIMS智能交互系统,可以通过人脸识别,Fatigue monitoring and reminder,搭载的IACC+全速段智能巡航系统以及LDW车道偏离预警和AEB智能紧急制动辅助系统,It also performs well in various road conditions.


When after the villages and towns intersection,We have two time next to interject pedestrians or vehicles,When the driver does not respond,Emergency brake system will be on timeCS75PLUSautomatic brake.With such a high-tech smart security configuration,Friends who drive to the plateau no longer have to worry because their minds wander,The accident that hit a fellow yak happened.


7月28日,On the day after arriving in Diqing,We went to Napa Sea and felt againCS75出色的通过性.

As an emerging Internet celebrity check-in point for several years,Although Napa Sea is much smaller than Erhai Lake,But this mountain lake has a unique charm.Detour along the mountain road by the lake,You can drive to the embankment very close to the water.clear water,You can clearly see swarms of small fish appearing among the stones and aquatic plants.When they felt approaching footsteps,Sensitively dismissed.


Because of the recent rainfall,Napa Sea enters wet low-lying areas,The spreading lake submerged a section of the road under the water,Cars passing by here have to wade through water,Also watch out for rocks and puddles hidden in the water.


Thanks to the second-generation Changan we droveCS75PLUS前麦弗逊式独立悬架+后多连杆式独立悬架,Coupled with excellent chassis tuning,It is very easy for the whole vehicle to pass through the wading section.The toughness of the suspension resolves the ground bumps,The bumps transmitted into the car are very gentle.Under the support of strong power,我们这辆CS75PLUS溅起大片水花,But in a blink of an eye, he has left the road submerged by the lake..

总体说来,从2019年问世的“明日座驾”CS75PLUS,Jin pin until now160万辆,长安CS75Series with advanced technology,Bring the car life experience beyond expectations for the majority of users,成为中国品牌SUV标杆.

此次,“Tomorrow's Extreme Vehicle Exploration Program--CS75Family users and media in-depth experience camp”活动,near the trip1000Kilometers of all road conditions are being explored,Experience the beauty of mountains and rivers,also let everyone in town、Changeable road conditions such as high-speed and undulating mountain roads fully feel the second generationCS75PLUSThe joy of car life,Let this summer have a remarkable.

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