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There are hybrids and four-wheel drive, the new generation of Swift is exposed, and the new car may return to the Chinese market

2022-07-29 19:30:35No. 1 car alliance

In history, there are many classic cars that fans praise, and the reason why they are classics, in addition to the reasons for the vehicles themselves, is partly because these models have been discontinued or sold in a certain area.After all, the saying "what you can't get is the best" is still very sincere.

And the car brand that best fits the above point of view, I don't need to say more, I believe everyone knows who it is?That's right, it's a Suzuki.In the past, Suzuki withdrew from the Chinese market in 2018 due to the inconsistency between the concept of car building and the views of the Chinese people, which led to the decline of the brand's sales in China.

Although Suzuki has withdrawn from the Chinese market for many years, its models in China still contribute to Suzuki's excellent reputation to this day. Models with a length of hundreds of thousands of kilometers have not had any problems. Such cases can be found everywhere.Because of this, Suzuki's cars still maintain a high level of public opinion in China, such as the "Yellow Lightning" Suzuki taxis active in Chongqing.

Recently, as the new generation of Suzuki Swift has started its road test overseas, there have also been news on the Internet that the new generation of Swift will return to the domestic market, so today we will take a look at the Swift that has bid farewell to China for many years now.what kind of.

The Suzuki Swift Road Trip out this time is actually a set of spy photos. The Swift in the spy photos is covered with thick camouflage. It can only be seen that the overall design of the new generation of Swift is still similar to that of the year, and it is still veryIt is short and powerful, maintaining the consistent styling style of the Swift car series.

The stance of the new car is still very low, the gap between the wheel hub and the wheel eyebrow is very narrow, and with the swooping roof with a large upward slope, the overall design of the new generation of Swift is quite spiritual.

Relevant overseas media have also produced renderings of the new generation of Suzuki Swift based on spy photos and other materials. Everyone has different opinions on whether it is good or not, and the renderings are for reference only. The specific information is subject to the official later disclosure.

In terms of power, it is expected that the new generation of Swift will continue the powertrain of the current model, providing 1.2L naturally aspirated, 1.0T turbocharged and 1.4T turbocharged engines.Toyota has cooperated to install Toyota's Hybrid hybrid system on the new car to improve the vehicle's fuel consumption performance and dynamic performance to a certain extent.

According to the information on the cooperation intention of Suzuki-Toyota that has been leaked before, there is a certain probability that the new generation of Suzuki Swift will be re-introduced into the domestic market for sales, which means that the new car may appear in the eyes of the Chinese people in the form of an OEM Toyota logo.In any case, as a classic hatchback small car, Suzuki can be regarded as a "generation car" among many car fans.The car market has become a hot commodity.

But let's think about it from another angle. Although the Suzuki Swift has always had a relatively high status in the small hatchback, if it really returns to the Chinese market this time, its sales performance will surely be good?

I personally think that it is very difficult. First of all, the domestic small hatchback market is shrinking. At present, the sales performance is still good. There are only Honda Fit, Toyota Yaris and Volkswagen Polo.Other models can be accommodated; in addition, the hatchback small car market has been greatly impacted by new energy cars. For example, BYD Dolphin, Ora Hao Mao, etc. are available at the same price. They are also small and exquisite for daily commuting, and use a carlower cost.

So to sum up, if Suzuki Swift returns to the Chinese market, it will probably be a situation of heavy thunder and little rain. Although there is a lot of voices about the car on the Internet, but back to reality, you in front of the screen will follow your conscience.Say, will you really spend a lot of money to buy this classic hatchback car?Welcome to leave a message in the comment area.

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