在十几年前,Audi first for Chinese user preferences,搞起了“Local custom long axis car”.

Almost at the same time,Shanghai Volkswagen also insight to the unique needs of the domestic consumer,Create the passat passat、Lavida to the Chinese local exclusive models.

Is good at Chinese to“Special customized models”的品牌,If Shanghai Volkswagen and audi brand,How will the wonderful performance?Saic audi has given the answer today.

在7月25日,Saic audi officially launched its own flagship nowSUV——奥迪Q6.See name,You might think that this is a betweenQ5L与Q7The medium between theSUV.但实际上,The size of the this guy has been beyondQ7,Close to full sizeSUV的表现.当然,更重要的是,More understand China saic audi,For the car brings a lot of can let a person shine at the moment the new design and optimization of.

大一点,再大一点,才不负“Highway jet”之名

之前已经提到,由上汽奥迪打造的Q6,Its size is close to full sizeSUV的水准.

具体来看,This big guy measurements respectively achieved5099/2014/1784mm,轴距更是达到了2980mm.为此,The car also fully live up to“RoadJet”Highway jet a title,只不过需要注意的是,Q6并非“湾流”This kind of small and medium-sized business jet,而是A350这样的“Air dominance”.

更大的尺寸,Enough to have a great attraction for domestic consumers.

但是,To really sit comfortable,Also depends on how the internal space optimization.With imports of audiQ7不同,Q6Did not adopt the longitudinalMLB平台,But the exhaustMQB EVO平台.

Actually from the platform can see,奥迪Q6Completely is a comfortable orientation models.至于MQB EVO平台,Is also very good use of theQ6The size of the strong.Based on this platform to buildQ6,Can do mechanical warehouse space to minimize、乘员舱空间最大化,类似于本田MM的理念.

Therefore inside the car,奥迪Q6Easily and comfortably compatible7座和6座两种布局形式.

The car's two rows of space or before the two rows of seats are comfortable,已经无需赘述,In the car up a legs、小憩一会儿,都是十分轻松的.

当然,If you want to experience more extreme comfort,It is high and low to buyQ6的6座版车型.

Its second row not only USES the independence of larger, more comfortable seat design,同时还加入了AGR(德国脊背健康协会)Certification air massage、The armrest of wide、And aviation headrest design.这么说吧,Q6的6座版车型,Before the two rows of absolute can matchA350First class passenger,Are the third row of the specifications of the super economy.

总而言之,In such a big space,你几乎可以做任何事情.长途旅行、商务接待、全家出游、Friends camping……这样的全能表现,It is very suitable for Chinese consumers“一车多能”的需求.而且,50-65万的预售价,也远低于Q7的价格,For users on the middle class is one of the more friendly is also.

论设计,This is probably the most heart“中国特供车”了

说起“中国特供车”,We may not be the first impression is very good.

Even strong brands such as porsche,Also can only be createdC88这样的“怪咖”,And haven't even listed,End it……

在以前,It is not what China specially for car may“好玩意儿”.但是在今天,China's auto market is becoming more and more weight in the weight of the world,Any car companies in the building“中国特供车”的时候,Must weigh a few minutes,For a line of luxury brands such as audi's more so.

于是,Saic audi in buildingQ6的时候,Is not based on their own to do.

In the design of the just,早在2016年,That is, when the saic audi has not yet formally established,Audi's designer to Beijing several times、Xi 'an ancient capital,Draw inspiration from the local ancient buildings,And its appearance design, led by audi Germany headquarters design center to complete.

In the words of audi yourself,“Q6Science and technology in the tradition of the audi brand insist luxury and enterprising spirit”.说成大白话,Is the car at the design level is go heart,Don't worry about its science and technology feeling or luxurious feeling not enough.

因此,在外观设计层面,Saic audi for the car out of theDesign、Sport双外观、Create a parameterized intake grille design elements such as.These design elements,In fact all with Chinese traditional culture in the doctrine of the mean、The way of grace, as the core,将力量感、Elegance and delicacy into China in the design of the wind,Presented the design strength enough beauty.

拉开车门,The audi luxurySUV,Also different from the former any an audi.

Surrounded by type of luxury cabin,With multilayer color composite material,This design is to jump out the audi mature layers of interior design,By unique and enough to poke the luxury consumer heart.

值得一说的是,In addition to the luxury of science and technology feeling,奥迪Q6The new interior design,It also covers many classic textual design elements.Such as the car interior trim panels,拥有7Different kinds of personalized selection,You can choose to include ash、Mahogany, three kinds of material of real wood grain,Experience of Chinese wood culture unique and exquisite.

After have such a design,奥迪Q6Is really piled up a large amount of luxury configuration.V2X智慧交通、丹麦B&O顶级音响系统,都出现在Q6Within a single configuration.而这些配置,Real ascension also with the car's luxurious degree.

The theory of core quality,奥迪Q6Advantage is big or tank?

In fact in the audiQ6正式发布之前,The industry has many rumors about the car.其中,One of the most popular way,是“奥迪Q6Is the public way,”的换壳车,Because they have adoptedMQB EVO平台.

的确,奥迪Q6和大众途昂,都来自于MQB EVO平台,奥迪Q6也是在“数字3”After the family named models,The only one by using pure fuel exhaust structure of audi models.Compared to the longitudinal buy platform,Cross platform has the advantages of higher space utilization,But also have uneven weight、Handling more weak problem.

If you locate,Just look at platform,Probably biased.

作为“RoadJet”,奥迪Q6的主要目的,Is to provide even more comfortable riding experience,Rather than a radical controls feelings.Just like in the plane,Want to experience the manipulation of the,You have to choose diamond,Want to experience the comfortable,Also is such a large aircraft airbus.至于两者孰强孰弱、Whoever you cheap,Not a strict word.

奥迪Q6选用MQB EVO平台,就是为了与Q7、Q8This distinction between main control or the control performance models,让Q6Become a real comfortable car.而且,Who said that from a platform,Shell is in the car?Q6与途昂,Have distinct core quality.

在动力系统方面,Q6目前提供2.0T L4发动机和2.5T V6The combination of the two big engine.

其中,2.0TModel is not the way, and audiQ7The third generationEA888发动机,But is imported from the fourth generation ofEA888发动机.在动力参数方面,Q6 45TFSI车型最大马力为265Ps、峰值扭矩为400N·m,相比于Q7 45TFSI的235Ps、370N·m,Q6的确是要更胜一筹.

另外,从60All price to start,奥迪Q6便提供了2.5T V6发动机,最大马力299Ps、峰值扭矩500N·m.Theory of parameter and the dynamic performance,也不输Q7的EA839 3.0T发动机,The torque is500N·m,Q6Just slightly lower horsepower.

In the chassis set-up,MQB EVOThe platform only support the paper before+后多连杆悬架.但是,Under the set-up of audi,Q6The chassis is also can appear "sticky,And in the process of driving,Collocation function of adaptive suspension,The motion of the bring enough thick texture,不负旗舰之名.


Along with the saic audi introducedQ6这款车型,We see the birth of the localization strategy is not only a luxury brand depth.同时,The car also predicted,Luxury brands or joint brand,In the future may no longer be bearer of global models.Face a unique market environment and market demand,In the joint position of the luxury brands,Also need to know more local actual consumption demand,It can constantly adapt to the changing auto market rhythm.

至于Q6这台车,It is not only a deep customized test the waters,But saic audi truly understand the Chinese market a confirm.我们也有足够的理由相信,在未来的时间里,Q6Even saic audi follow-up launch vehicles,By the understanding of the market,Will reap a big Bob enthusiasts.