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From the renewal of 4S stores to the growth of sales against the trend, BYD's channel construction and upgrade dividends appear

2022-07-29 20:02:20Electric state

“受疫情影响,Beijing automotive retail market in the first6Months of decline in the overall19%,6月份下滑了11.3%,But byd with the products and brands forces,今年前6个月实现了36.9%的同比增长,6In the implementation49%的增幅,”This is byd dynasty Liu Wuyang network zone in northern Beijing regional manager for byd, we introduce market in Beijing“逆势上涨”的状态.  

Beijing new energy markets to focus on the more specific,Byd's advantages are more obvious,目前2022年前6Months of city share has reached the35.1%,6月份达到38.91,4月份更是达到45.19%,These achievements have been more than last year the average city share,Byd is rapid growth.

Byd why sell so well?This seems to be everyone concerned about the development of China's auto market in thinking about,I think that in addition to byd's product matrix richer,High qualification outside models,In the terminal sales across the country、Pre-market after-sales service is an integral part of.

近日,We arrived in Beijing byd heng xin min4S店一探究竟,之所以选择这里,Because this is byd in the country's first4S店,并且从2016In sales of new energy vehicles,Was a witness to the rise of byd brand and sales,But drivers.

■ “老店”的“新/心意”

虽然这是一家“老店”,But inside it can feel a lot of“新意”,这里的“新”包含了“新能源”、“清新”,也暗含了“用心”、“贴心”.

When we entered the hall,See behind the front desk with a large“树叶”背景板,And in the customer reception window also have such background behind the wall,This is because the byd for4SStore design has a“The leaves concept”,First of all, it symbolizes the growth of the vibrant nature force,Secondly also expressed the byd hopes in the new energy market deep,Promote the change of the concept of green environmental protection and sustainable development of the brand.


In our eyes,This piece of green can not only make the atmosphere of the store more open and bright,看起来也更舒服“养眼”,Especially in the sweltering summer,It can let the consumer feel on the vision silk“清凉”.


In many other design details,比亚迪4SShop will be synchronized with the appearance of the cars on sale,In terms of net exhibition hall with dynasty,It will be outside the assembly“龙鳞”装饰板,And customer reception area and the paint area will have such as“龙须”、“龙颜”以及“国风”元素.These are all let exhibition hall and paint can be in harmony,Through the store atmosphere improved models of the design highlights of the,Even if there is no sales to introduce,Consumers can alsoget到.



If the exhibition hall part was the first time to store customer“留住”的关键,Then its after-sales service is to let customers after purchase or recommend to friends and relatives around the biggest driver of.

Come to xin min constant shop on the third floor,We first see is a starbucks bar,Once let I doubt“走错片场”,But according to in-store staff,This is xin min constant cooperation with starbucks,Let the customer at the time of waiting for maintenance,Can enjoy high quality free coffee or other drink.And we also take“While the wool”,Point a cup of ice American,And outside shop inside the same.


除此以外,鑫敏恒4SShop also provides customers with“动”、“静”Two kinds of after-sales service way of waiting.If we want to quiet and cool in hot weather to stay for a while,You can wait in the third floor of the hall watching TV,刷刷手机,Can even open notebook computer work,Because each booth next to the sofa has the power interface.

The other across the hall,还有一个“Constant sensitive random”,Here not only has a quiet space,There are abundant books,Especially children's books,These books can also take away,So even if it is the weekend“With Eva and maintenance”,Also it is safe to take care of a baby.




如果你是个“闲不住”的人,There are a lot of fitness equipment and sports facilities for you to play,Not only have a ping pong table and billiard table,There is even a car simulator,That we can waiting for vehicle maintenance,过把“飙车”瘾.





当然,比亚迪的4SStore more than on the much higher levels of customer service increased social,他们的“基本功”Also in improving,Such as maintenance of station layout more reasonable,Facilities and equipment are more;After-sales service system to be more perfect,Starting from the customer into the park,To the final maintenance done,Each link all seamless;Sales staff to byd's headquarters to attend every year“Tiejun camp”,To improve its sales ability、Brand awareness and confidence,可以看到,从售前到售后,从“对人”到“对车”,Byd in terminal sales and services for the construction of channel,Always spare no effort to do your best.



■ 邦点评

I recently and byd is decree by destiny,Previous experience in shenzhen headquartersNVH,And is this shop,Through these close to visit,I deeply feel the brand in the continuous efforts in the process of growing up.

And these efforts are also being converted to the bonus.据相关数据统计,比亚迪王朝网+海洋网6In Beijing the cumulative delivery of new car6240台,Which personal retail insurance amount as5757台,市占率达到15%,而5In can achieve14.39%,This has let byd from category or manufacturer brand on the implementation for two months in a row, for the first.

这表明,Byd choose working direction is right,Is worth the effort,We have reasons to expect byd can continue to grow,Eventually people trust affection,International well-known Chinese brands.

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