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The new XR-V is about to go on sale, and it will hit the next million sales

2022-07-29 20:47:27Auto market red dot

If there is a legendary car in every segment, it is the XR-V in the small SUV market.

XR-V was born in 2014. With its stylish and dynamic design, it has attracted the attention of a large number of young people. Coupled with its original comfortable space and high energy and low consumption power performance, it quickly established its benchmark in the small SUV market.status.

In 2019, the XR-V ushered in a facelift, which has moved closer to the needs of young people in terms of appearance, power and intelligence.At the same time, sales have been on the rise.Only 6 years after its launch, the XR-V has become the first small SUV in China to reach sales of one million.It can be said that the sales volume of XR-V has maintained a leading position in the market segment since its launch. Even though the domestic auto market encountered many difficulties this year, the monthly sales volume of XR-V still exceeded 15,000 units in June, and the cumulative sales volume in the first half of the year exceeded 15,000 units.68,000 vehicles.

You must know that there are actually many products in the same price range as the XR-V, but why do consumers always have a soft spot for the XR-V?Of course, in addition to the strength of hard-core products such as appearance, space, and power, good reputation is also an important factor.

The most direct manifestation of quality and reputation is the value preservation rate. According to J.D. Power's "2021 China Auto Value Protection Rate Research Report", the three-year value preservation rate of XR-V reached 58.7%, which is much higher than the average level of the small SUV market.And since 2017, XR-V has won the value preservation rate champion in this field for five consecutive years, which is actually the market's full affirmation of the quality of XR-V.

Today, XR-V has been in the domestic market for 8 years, with nearly 1.2 million users, and has achieved both sales and quality reputation.Of course, the achievement of this phased achievement is not only a milestone, but also a new starting point.Because the new XR-V is about to make its debut on August 1, and the new XR-V will also launch an impact on the next million sales.

According to the previous declaration information, the new XR-V has a tougher exterior design. The front face will adopt a dot-matrix grille, and the rear will adopt a through-type taillight design, making it more sporty.The interior will also adopt the new Honda family design style, equipped with full LCD instrumentation and a suspended central control screen.

Although the XR-V is positioned as a small SUV, its space performance is not inferior to that of many compact SUVs. The new XR-V has a length, width and height of 4380/1790/1590mm and a wheelbase of 2610mm, which is longer than the current model.And the width has been increased, so the advantage in space will also be continued.

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Dongfeng Honda has a lot of new cars in the second half of the year, and the all-new XR-V will kick off a comprehensive upgrade and renewal of the "RV family" product image.Starting from the all-new XR-V, a more youthful Dongfeng Honda will be presented to us, which is even more exciting.

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