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Rock and Roll in 1967 and AMG in 2022|Experience

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More than half a century of the story







1967Year is the most brilliant in rock history.


那一年,The BeatlesThe band released《Sergeant pepper's lonely hearts club》,This album released rapidly after was a huge commercial success.


It won, respectively, in both Britain and America27周和15Weeks Zhou Bang champion.And the following year took four grammy award,The album of the year award is rock album win the award for the first time.


那一年,Pink FloydThe band's first album《The piper in front of the dawn》诞生,It is a geniusSyd BarrettDominated the first album,It is the only one;


而The DoorsBand's self-titled debut album,以诗意、Mysterious and abstruse created rock and an insurmountable peak in the history of.


那一年,The Who、The Kinks、Cream、Small FacesSuch as bands have dedicated their music career peak before the forecast performance;


The beach boys、The birds band、Jefferson ship these giants such as big band though not over“Sergeant pepper”的辉煌,But if on the other years,Also all is top.


那一年,以“爱之夏”之名,Rock began to change the world.Teenagers at the age of hormones to spurt,Stood at the centre of the world,呼唤“爱与和平”.


那一年,Rock also have new footnotes.It is no longer just a music form,But also a life attitude and philosophy,On the forms of flexible bold and passionate rhythm express emotion.


如果说1967Years of rock written contemporary pop music in the annals of the most remarkable one page,So in the same year, Germany,Also have two youngAufrecht和Melcher,What did a very rock.


They will have passion and dream into exile in speed and track,在Aufrecht的出生地Grossaspach创立了AMG品牌.


四年后的1971年,“红猪”300 SEL 6.8 AMG横空出世,In the spa24Hours on endurance coppi,With flagship model pioneered the track legend.


You know that time of endurance in accordance with the rules,The greater the size the more hurt.所以“红猪”Type of full-size sedan just at the track,It draw one sounds of mocking the spectator's alternative.


What's more, in front of a pile of travel light field athletes were,It also retains the original rear seats、空调,And even luxury mahogany interior.


但当Hans Heyer和Clemens Schickentanz驾驶的35号红猪以全场第二的成绩完赛,惊掉了所有人的下巴.


Long hair fur drums,Is a rock in secular eyes,But they don't know the real rock is derived from the inner enthusiasm and persistence,热情不减,痴心不改.


Aufrecht与MelcherWith the common love and the spirit that never compromise,让“红猪”To dress up as pig to eat tiger posture,Over competing alpha·罗密欧GTA、宝马2800CS、福特Capris RS,以及雪佛兰Camaro.




AMGDeclare to the world in the form of another kind of rock,On the basis of the reserved Mercedes luxury properties,They also have absolute power in creates the performance level.



2022年Intersection of space and time


时间一直在走,没有尽头,只有路口.站在AMG品牌成立55Anniversary of the road,梅赛德斯-AMGDry, rock thing again:


In China introduced the afar, Bach's first positive research and development production of pure electricAMG车型,全新梅赛德斯-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+,Let this is no competitors on the marketEQS更以AMGHigh-performance blessing,A pioneer leading large luxury high-performance electric.


The release of reform in the world,唱出了experimental rock的味道.


What is more superior:


7月21日,全新纯电梅赛德斯-AMG EQS 53 4MATIC+以1分43秒975的成绩,刷新浙江国际赛车场量产电动车圈速纪录,在“China's small new north”Play pure electric age“电能新声”,亦为AMG续写55年的“非凡驾驭”.


“非凡驾驭”,With great speed in long straights.


At the same time on the acceleration and braking pedal,Tip ejector start red5Second countdown vigor toMBUX超联屏的AMG TRACK PACEVirtual race engineer.


5、4、3、2、1,Adrenaline soaring,Speed between burst“电音”Opposition is more blood Fen zhang!


松开制动踏板,全新EQS 53如离弦之箭,以3.5秒的百公里加速度,Winds from the royal galloping pleasure.The scene and company ran out of the better3.4秒.


如此优异的成绩,源自全新EQS 53From afar, Bach's exclusive SanDian tuned system.它搭载了前后双永磁同步电机,最大输出功率470千瓦,弹射起步模式下更可瞬时输出560千瓦、1,020牛·米的雷霆之力.


“非凡驾驭”,Fancy shuttle between variety curve.


现场“53”造型的弯道灵活科目中,提供V型弯道、连续弯道、High speed corners and other challenges.The standard is as high as9度的主动式后轮转向系统,令全新EQS 53Turning diameter as compact models,The braking point、Entry point,Every bit of easy to win.


完全可变的高性能全时四驱增强版,提供高达10,000次/分的轮间动力分配监测,In the front axle vehicles last for torque distribution between,配合带自适应可调减振的AMG行驶控制增强版空气悬挂,Even high-speed cornering can achievement the steady dynamic posture.


AMGCarbon ceramic high-performance composite braking system,Cooperate throughAMG专属调校的i-Booster电控刹车系统,The driving experience of implementation of dynamic and static freely.



Under such a high-performance blessing,EQS 53As at the beginning with the rear seat、空调、Peach wooden interior on the field of“红猪”那般,Completely retained the Mercedes luxury quality.


1.41米的MBUXSuper league screen renderingAMGExclusive interactive style,The future performance of combustion surreal aesthetic.


AMG高性能方向盘、Nappa皮革的AMG运动型座椅、AMG碳纤维饰板等质感内饰,Sending out the charm of a kind of hard to refuse to,Even the heart desire for driving the infinite.


AMGVertical organ type closed grille with intelligent digital headlight dynamic dazzing,Bow body design by electricity and“型”.


When wearing“红猪”涂装的EQS 53With the complex stencil classic“红猪”同框,I don't know whether the meeting through time was already a long time,But I clearly perceive:


梅赛德斯-AMGA more profound significance lies in,It resulted in different times dream person enthusiasm unabated and infatuation does not change.

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