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BMW ixflow color changing concept car unveiled

2022-07-29 21:25:16Oriental Information Automobile

A few days ago, Uncle Che learned from BMW officials that the iXFlow color-changing concept car has been unveiled in China. The appearance of the new car is not very different from the normal version of BMW iX (parameters, pictures), but the iXFlow color-changing concept car uses"Electronic ink" technology, which can realize one-click color change of the car body, is indeed very cool.

According to Uncle Che, the car's body surface contains tens of thousands of transparent capsules, each of which contains charged white and black pigments. By controlling the electrodes of the capsules, the corresponding colors can appear on the body.surface.In addition to making the car look more individual, this technology can also display the usage of the vehicle and whether it is fully charged.It is worth mentioning that, by connecting a head-mounted device, the BMW iXFlow color-changing concept car can also respond to brain waves and show different body colors.

In order to meet the personalized needs of today's consumers, it is not uncommon to have a color-changing body. For example, the McLaren GT Neon Spectrum Theme Limited Edition uses the "color flow" contrast color gradient technology to adapt to different sports.The state, light environment and viewer angle make the colors take on different shades.

If BMW iXFlow can be sold in my country, it will be a great boon for car enthusiasts in our country. Even if we can't afford BMW iXFlow, at least many manufacturers will imitate it, so that we can buy Are you looking forward to the original car with its own cool paint?

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