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Interpretation of the top configuration of Weilai ET7, the length of the car is over 5 meters 1, what do you think?

2022-07-29 21:25:45Oriental Information Automobile

I originally thought that NIO would use an ES8 to enter the consumer market, which would be its upper limit. Subsequent products would quickly reduce the positioning, but I did not expect that after so many years, the cheapest model in its array has also reached 3510,000-level, these two cards of "luxury" and "high performance", Li Bin has not lost one.

In any case, NIO's first phase was a success.So, what about the second stage that this enters through the NT2.0 platform?Let's take the first version of the NT2.0 and NIO's flagship sedan, NIO's ET7100kWh, to see if the 536,000 yuan top-of-the-line flagship can maintain NIO's reputation.


In terms of front design, NIO ET7 has a relatively low-profile front structure. The A-pillar will be connected with the closed front face along with two three-dimensionally elongated raised strips; and the lateral protrusion at the far end will create a coupe feel., a part of the headlights will be integrated with the C-shaped periphery at both ends and the longitudinal triangular guide grooves, and there is a trapezoidal lower grille on the front lip of the bumper to achieve intake air cooling.

In the design of the headlights, the split-type combination headlights are LED strip daytime running lights at the edge of the engine compartment, while the lower triangular guide grooves are full of LED light sources covered with adaptive high and low beam headlights and fog lights.It has functions such as steering assist lights, headlight height adjustment, and delayed closing.

In terms of sideways design, NIO ET7 measures 5101/1987/1509mm and has a wheelbase of 3060mm.The bulge at the top of the car is actually lidar and sensor radar. There is no obvious separate waistline on the side, but the front and rear are connected through the overall bulge of the door. The lower waistline covers the sharp waistline and is surrounded by side skirts. Frameless doorsIt is also designed with electric hidden door handles and electric suction doors.

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