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2023 bj40 city hunter version, domestic hardcore off-road suv

2022-07-29 21:25:52Oriental Information Automobile

Speaking of hard-core off-road vehicles, I believe they are very attractive to many car fans. After all, with the blessing of powerful off-road performance, it can be said that you can go wherever you want, although this level used to be Toyota's strength,However, with the continuous development of domestic vehicles, there have also been many domestic hard-core SUVs with top configuration and high cost performance. The off-road performance is not inferior to the Prado (parameters, pictures), and the quietness in the car crushes ordinary family cars.The performance is perfect, just like the Beijing BJ40 we are talking about today.

Beijing BJ40 has gone through 9 years of ups and downs since its launch in 2013, but with the blessing of military quality, it has been popular among consumers until now. In order to cater to the tastes of young consumers, Beijing BJ40 has also been launched.In the 2023 City Hunter Edition, the new car has added more fashionable and trendy elements in addition to maintaining the image of a tough guy in the past and generous configuration materials, especially the addition of various new paints, whether it is sea breeze blue or flame red.It is full of charm for people. It is worth mentioning that the 2023 BJ40 City Hunter Edition is also equipped with a detachable roof design.

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