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Interpretation of Volvo XC90's top configuration, appearance, configuration, and good grasp

2022-07-29 21:26:19Oriental Information Automobile

In the past, our impression of Volvo was safety and comfort, as well as some Nordic-style designs. In addition to the flagship luxury positioning, the Volvo XC90 we want to see here has 300 horsepower, a wheelbase close to 3 meters, and an air suspension.There are also a series of intelligent technologies in the frame. Is such a Volvo coordinating configuration or showing hard power?Let's use a top model Volvo XC90 2022 B6 Zhiya Deluxe Edition 7-seater (guide price 781,900 yuan) to find out.


In the front design, Volvo XC90 adopts a family-style straight waterfall grille.The bumper is relatively conservative. Although there are three zones of separation, the diversion holes at both ends are relatively narrow, and the interior is dominated by the C-shaped chrome-plated metal lining that accompanies you.

In the design of headlights, the headlights are centrally inserted horizontally, and the upper and lower beams are symmetrically designed. This is Volvo's classic Thor's Hammer headlight.In terms of lighting functions, it does not provide much, but it is still covered with automatic headlight lighting, lighting height adjustment and delayed shutdown.

In terms of sideways design, Volvo XC90's body length, width and height are three main dimensions of 4953/1958/1776mm, and the body wheelbase reaches 2984mm.The wheelbase of nearly 3 meters makes the already simple roof, body and waistline appear long and straight, while the luggage rack, windows and undercut structure are all made of chrome-plated metal, and the sense of grade and durability is good.

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