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Dongfeng Peugeot's new 408: build a strong fortress and fight a dull battle!

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The play from movingPLUS、帝豪L,On soar team、思域、卡罗拉,东风标致新408全系10.57-12.17Ten thousand yuan announced a pre-sale price,Independent and joint venture camp at the same time feel pressure.随着预售开启,新408展车已经到店,Combined with the real vehicle experience,How can we analyze the competitiveness of the car?It have any strength to become jointAA hot style level car camp?

Prices exceed expectations,新408要“结硬寨,打呆仗”

Earlier in the store to visit new408时,With sales consultant to explore new408的预售价格,Sales should guess from11万+起步,毕竟老款408的1.6T版本指导价13.97万起.Prices of new and old terminal seamless docking,Has been in line with expectations.

但没想到,此次新408起步10.57万起,直接进入10万区间.Combined with terminal welfare policy,2000元下订可享至高20000元权益,Equivalent to bare the car in10万以内,超出了所有人的预期.

The price comes out,Comment on the various views fry pan——

网友:太牛了,Minimum match can meet the demand of all,Remove all preferential,Price is less than thousands

网友:真香,Than the number of JapaneseCVT强多了,祝大卖

网友:Also what Volkswagen lavida……

网友: 1.6T配爱信6ATIn the price of the joint venture no more sincere than it,朗逸1.4TAdd dry dual-clutch also want to14万了

网友:Than corolla better,大气,安全性高,操控性好,空间大,Fuel consumption should not too much

网友:15Style landing quick16万了,我靠,这定价,良心,Want to buy a

网友:Driving texture and chassis suspension is a corolla and soar team incomparable!

Look from the netizens' comments,All for the new408The price of high recognition.毕竟,新朗逸1.5L+Manual start12.09万,卡罗拉1.5L+Manual start10.98万,速腾1.2T+Manual start12.79万,而且新408的1.6TCorresponding to the competing goods1.4T或1.5T,The advantage of price is actually sending.Even compared to independent from movingPLUS、帝豪L,新408也不虚,毕竟1.6T+6ATGold content is higher than1.4T+Dual clutch orCVT.

新408将通过“新零售”模式销售,Through the online order,Distributor is responsible for the show、交车、售后,售价、Welfare transparent unity,Little painstakingly bargaining process,Don't worry about buying expensive.甚至新408All is only push three versions,48项主流配置全系标配,Simplify the process of car,Let the car more easily trust.

Zeng guofan was its xiang methods summarized as“结硬寨,打呆仗”,新408Pricing and sales also gave me the feeling:不搞1.2T拉低门槛,只推1.6TThe main displacement,价格一步到位,Direct selling is not bargaining,All the benefits of transparent unity,All routines are not,靠的就是“硬核产品力+More than expected price”来打动消费者.The straight hardcore style,Compared with competing goods set high price first, then promotion step by step to cut chives,To cut a is a practice,显得有些“呆”,但对消费者来说,Transparent and relaxed,There are much more sincerity!

In fact analysis new408的产品特点,Also can see this“结硬寨,打呆仗”的气质.

日拱一卒、Slowly but surely new408

“结硬寨,打呆仗”The meaning of the Japanese offensive arch、稳扎稳打、Move slowly and don't get rich quick.

其实新408To be fast on quantity have a more agile approach:That is substantially reduce the cost,Every main price down to10万以下,So it is easier to shot to fame,After also thering is no lack of precedent(如别克英朗).

不过新408的官方定位是“新法式高品质大家轿“.虽然价格降了,但“高品质”Is still a new408最核心的卖点.除了全系标配1.6T+6AT、12英寸液晶组合仪表+10英寸智能高清触控屏、真皮小幅多功能赛车式方向盘、17Inch aluminum alloy wheel hub and so on visible place,在看不见的地方,新408Car still adhere to the legal system of integrity.

例如,In the European car of extreme importance to safety,新408全车标配6气囊,After anticollision beam is a former aluminum steel,前立柱、中立柱、The door anticollision beam is used in great quantities in the key parts such as 1500MPa超高强钢(占比达70%).In the car door,Is equipped with touch the bumper(辊压成型),抗拉强度达到1180Mpa以上.In addition the vehicle have4000多个高强度、High density solder joints and nearly6米的激光焊缝,有效加强车身的强度,At the same time, also let body sealing、Sound insulation performance is better.

For example, in handling,新408The chassis which adoptCLDR大师级底盘调校,And the whole system provides a standard、运动、Three driving modes such as snow.对一款家用轿车来说,Actually provide“雪地模式”Also can see the new408对操控的追求.此外,新408最高车速可达225公里/小时.The highest fox220公里/小时,思域、Soar team top speed200公里/小时,Corolla supreme180公里/小时,Star red top speed210公里/小时.Top speed is the most can reflect the mechanical quality of a car,And its whole rigidity、动力输出、What is the chassis set-up.可见新408On the handling stability is still maintained a high level at the same level,Do not lose the essence of European car.

在静态体验中,Also can feel the new408The pursuit of driving sex.譬如,Perhaps some people think electronic shift more advanced,但新408Retain the mechanical transmission is the Gospel for men who love driving,Transfer operation convenience or for driving mechanical sense,Are electronic shift for the.这一点,Like driving people natural understand.

As well as mechanical shift,Leather wrap small multi-function car steering wheel also send out a thick sports flavor.Small picture means just smaller steering range,Can get bigger wheels turn to,In order to gain more energy、精准的操控.Car generally USES a small steering wheel is the truth.此外,A small steering wheel also brought the driver wider suitable legroom,And don't have to worry about block instrument information.

值得一提的是,新408Sitting position can be transferred to the very low.以我178cmThe height of straight ahead,Instrument on the edge and almost my eyebrows generally high,12In the height of the liquid crystal instrument is almost close toHUD,The driver sitting in,One car one of the packages are very good.This kind of posture can greatly reduce the body for high-speed cornering roll,In order to gain more fun to drive.

It is not hard to see the new408The cockpit is taste of the car,虽然定位家用,But the heart still inherits the Peugeot brand for sports、操控的追求.

此外,新408In cockpit detail also show enough sense of quality.For example, all the department to provide leather seats、手感细腻,Packing support full.Such as whole series standard in front of the double air conditioning,The rear partition double outlet,并提供PM2.5净化.Such as the center console interior USES the soft lining plastic+The combination of metallic materials,Visual and doesn't feel cheap.The details of the joint work also neatly smooth,Without the feeling of coarse.In addition new car no peculiar smell inside the car,According to official data the new408A large number of adopted low volatile、低气味的环保材料及工艺,Such as adhesion agent used is better environmental protection water-based glue and hot melt adhesive,Acoustic noise reduction material used is a professional sound insulation cotton rather than waste fiber……

All know that the new408尺寸大,4750mm长度、2730mm轴距优势明显,但新408不仅是大.以我178cmThe measured height,The rear leg is more than33公分,A front row seat width reached51公分和48公分,And the rear seat to do the basin subsided design,Hip package are better,Won't slide easily.In addition on the chair to tilt,When my legs to hang,Chair face also can naturally thigh,保证了舒适性.此外新408All department support two row seat down,Put down after load in depth(The distance from the edge load to the front seat)达到190公分,而普通ADeep level car space in160公分.This is the benefits of big:乘坐宽敞,And bring a plenty of cargo space.

Finally have to say to its power.新408的 1.6T全铝双涡管单涡轮增压发动机,最大输出170匹/225牛米,和同级别“钢炮车型”思域182匹1.5T、福克斯177匹的1.5TThan do not fall in the wind,With the main home速腾150匹的1.4T相比略有优势.The turbo+爱信6AT的组合,则让新408几乎成了ALevel car camp of orphan works.Although fox also have6ATBut it is not out of love,Leon g Sarah also provide6ATBut since the suction power output is weak,The ashkenazi double clutch、日系的CVT,无论在结构、成本、Stable degree,Can't and love6AT媲美.Composed of multiple sets of planet gearAT变速箱,Not only the structure more complicated、成本更高,And now is stable、皮实、可靠的代名词.即便是A+Level of autonomous camps such as star r、帝豪L、逸动PLUS等主流产品,Is also the basic dual-clutch world and rarely usedAT,The main reason is the cost.

From solid body experience,在看得见和看不见的地方,新408在硬件、用料、On the work competently,当得起一句“高品质”.Even in the face of the huge market pressure,新408Remains a“打呆仗”的定力.This kind of their own values to,Car and law system's unique character and charm.

The new law,Joint venture by the forces of the new car

“打呆仗”Don't mean stuck in the past,不与时俱进.从新408身上,我们也看到了“The new law”Many of the new look.

如前文所说,新408Adopted and new powers“新零售”直销模式,消除了消费者和4S店之间的不信任感.从2008 The one到4008A premium version to the new408,“新零售”Will gradually cover all vehicle.与“新零售”Synchronous propulsion is dongfeng Peugeot“索肖社区”的建设.This is a dongfeng Peugeot with lion powder create、共治、共享的数字化车主生态圈,There are diverse community activities.随着新408预售开启,女足名将、Happiness - and other kinds of big cafe、Tiger robot and so on each big platform will be in sochaux community.Including new car first test drive、暑期亲子课堂、Wild luxury camping and driving new408美食打卡、认养 5000 棵爱心咖啡树/探访标致咖啡庄园、One thousand people sochaux party will unlock all welfare activities such as.

从“Five heart action”开始,“用户共创”Has gradually become a legal system of carDNA.Between the brand and the user viscosity、沟通、Increasing mutual trust in,This mutual trust is also embodied in the new408产品本身.例如新408Open to booking a configuration after some netizens said:新408Low distribution models with no key into the boot,(此前)There is no sample in the car.Now that manufacturers have the sincerity,Can listen feedback……

回到产品本身,新408Car also reflects the law personality romantic side,提供4Kind of pearl paint at the same time,还提供6Kinds of changing color CheMo,满足个性化需求.

The new intelligent upgradei-CockpitOnly my cockpit is the new408The nods eyeball pen of evolution.12英寸液晶组合仪表+10英寸中控屏全系标配,内置全新Blue-i 3.0智能车机,Can support gold map、在线音乐、在线视频播放、语音交互,提供央视影音、芒果TV、Sing, and other entertainment application,并支持百度Carlife、华为Hicar手机互联.In addition to provide mobile phone remote control(包括车况查询、车辆定位、Travel notes, etc).

From solid body experience,Car machine commonly used functions using card management,UI清晰,After tapping the fluency、Accuracy is pretty good.Voice commands can be“你好,小狮子”或自定义唤醒词唤醒,Travel navigation、The communication entertainment、系统控制、Online inquiry and vehicle control(空调调节、座椅调节)等多种操作.The whole car machine experience in joint venture in a leading level in the car.

On the central screen opens at mangoTV,Start smoothly to appreciate a movie,你可能不相信,This experience was from a booking11.47All joint venture car fuel home……In the inheritance law of romantic design characteristics at the same time,Active integration of the forces of the new style and product design ideas,在新408We began to appreciate the“The new law”The new temperament.


Both adhere to the quality don't compromise、“结硬寨、打呆仗”的坚守,There are intelligent、Digital and new design of advancing with The Times,新408At the same time of stick to traditional values,Also brought new power generally create and innovation.The agriculture market in China for many years、Deep mass base and brand awareness of dongfeng Peugeot,新408Is undoubtedly the leverage the brand to rejuvenate the protection.虽然ALevel car market competition extremely tragic,新408The former way is not easy,But we believe“日拱一卒无有尽,功不唐捐终入海”.

正如新408的Slogan所表达的——“做更好的我们”,As each of us ordinary people struggle in life,A single arch persistence,Will accomplish something. 新408告诉我们,好的生活,There is no so expensive.And each struggle of ordinary people,Are worth a better life!

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