On July 27th, the 49th China International Expo (Guangzhou) Office Environment and Commercial Space Exhibition CIFF was held at the Canton Fair Complex."Yongyi") participated in the exhibition with the theme of "Technology Sees the Future", and announced that from December 1, 2022, the Yongyi brand will completely eliminate the traditional chassis of the seat and popularize the ergonomic adaptive chassis.

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It is reported that after 10 years of development, Yongyi has developed more than 10 full-system adaptive chassis, covering gravity adaptive chassis, seatback linkage adaptive, and whole chair integrationand other series; combined with the sedentary habits of domestic consumers, research and development of headrest adaptive, low back adaptive, chassis adaptive and other sitting health management systems.

Yongyi Vice President Duan Dawei said that many urban young users sit for more than 8 hours a day, and the spine is under overload pressure for a long time. Yongyi applies ergonomic adaptive technology to relieveSitting for a long time brings pressure on the spine, bringing users a free leaning, comfortable and fitting experience, meeting the needs of users in multiple scenarios such as home office, casual games, learning and reading, etc. The star products currently on sale, such as Mengke, Walker, and XY chair, have become newIn the future, Yongyi will continue to provide solutions to sedentary health problems and promote the lifestyle of scientific spine care.

At the same time, Yongyi focuses on the users of Generation Z and Millennials, upgrades their youth, and has reached a comprehensive strategic partnership with the e-sports lifestyle brand TGIF to cooperate with each other in the market.Breaking.According to reports, TGIF has conducted in-depth research on more than 200 e-sports practitioners and ordinary players to understand the pain points of e-sports users. Combined with Yongyi's independent research and development capabilities and the ability to integrate intelligent manufacturing, it has developed TGIF T0 series products to jointly create electronic products.The new future of competitive ergonomic chairs.

(Feature | Written by Wang Yingting)