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Chevrolet launched the "Rebrand XT5", which is full of technology, do you like it?

2022-07-29 22:06:49Oriental Information Automobile

The biggest impression that Chevrolet or Buick has given us in the past two years is that the annual sales have continued to decline, and the prices of its new cars have dropped to freezing points., beyond the imagination of many friends.In fact, whether it is Buick or Chevrolet, it is also a two-car strategy, but the price of Chevrolet is lower.The model introduced to you today is known as the flagship model of the Cadillac XT5 and the Buick Encore flag. This model is the Chevrolet Trailblazer.

The Pioneer model has conquered many consumers with its powerful power system and huge exterior design since its launch.But unfortunately, the sales have not continued to be hot after that, so it is time to change the model. The new Chevrolet Trailblazer has been exposed and will meet with us soon.

In terms of appearance design, this pioneer adopts the design of the upper and lower double grilles, and is equipped with the shape design of the upper and lower split headlights, coupled with the rough lines, it creates the beauty of industrial muscles for us.It has to be said that Chevrolet's new cars are actually more similar to American cars.

From the side of the model, the new car comes with privacy glass, and the whole side still looks huge.The wheels are matching 6V aluminum alloy wheels, and the aluminum alloy wheels are designed with straight lines.From the side, the Trailblazer's side lip still uses a large area of ​​black hard plastic, so the price of this model will not be too high, and like other Chevrolet models, there will be a good margin.

Looking at the rear design of the new car, the rear design is more concise than the Buick Encore or Cadillac XT5.The LED taillights have not been modified in any way, nor are they embellished with chrome trim strips. Like the side of the front, they look relatively simple.The bumper of the new car is embellished with a silver guard plate. In addition, it also has two exhaust pipes. The entire exterior design has not been overly embellished, which actually greatly reduces the cost and leaves enough room for later price

In the body data part, the length, width and height of the pioneer are 5011/1953/1722mm, and the wheelbase is 2863mm. This new car is equipped with seven seats. Considering the current model, the seat layout is 2+3+2.

As for the power system of this model, it will still be equipped with a 2.0T turbocharged engine and a 48V mild-hybrid motor to assist it. Obviously, this is a mild-hybrid system, so the fuel consumption will not be reduced.significantly reduced.

The transmission part is matched with the nine-speed automatic gearbox that GM is very good at. The front suspension is the front McPherson independent suspension, and the rear suspension is a five-link independent suspension.

In fact, from the perspective of the overall design, if the price of this pioneer is too high, it can be predicted that the sales will not be very good, so it will still adopt a leapfrog style, using a large-sized body and a preferential price to attract consumersBy.If it were you, would you choose to buy it?

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