No wonder, Mercedes-Benz and BMW never take Audi to play in fights. You see, BAIC Mercedes-Benz and BMW Brilliance are all "married by Ming media", which is like SAIC Audi. Except for a car logo, everything else depends on oneself. This is the son of a rich family.Well, or was it used as a "target" to hit?

Since Audi and SAIC officially joined hands, up to now, SAIC Audi has only sold three models, A7L, Q5e-tron, and the just-launched Q6, and they are all medium and large SUV models.Those two will not be mentioned today, let's take a look at the big Q6 that has just been launched.

First, the Audi Q6 is a car specially designed for us Chinese. It is very clear from the appearance and interior layout. The seven-seat large body is in line with our size, as long as it is big enough..

The other thing is that it can't conflict with FAW Audi products, otherwise there is no or there is no similar competing products, this treatment clearly means that you can do whatever you want with the bid.

Lengthen the A7 and replace the ID6 with the Q5e-tron. The following is the Audi Q6 with the MQB horizontal platform. To put it bluntly, it is the Volkswagen Tourang, hahaha.

Audi has always been luxurious, it seems that it is also a luxurious car logo. SAIC only uses the same set of SAIC Volkswagen. You must know that all FAW Audi models use the MLB platform. You like A4L and Q5L.Yes, from this point of view, Audi Q6 does not belong to Audi's luxury system in the first place, and you are not even allowed to use a platform...In a word, if I don't take you as my own, I can't believe it.

You don't talk about the appearance platform, the engine is still EA888, of course, it has also been optimized to cope with fuel consumption and emissions. If you think about the fuel consumption of the seven-seater body, you can see that it can save more than the Q7?Even if you save fuel, the power will naturally be lost, right?

When talking about the gearbox, you have a luxurious status, and you are still a 7-speed dual-clutch. It can't be said that it is bad, but it is not worthy of your luxurious status.

From the price point of view, starting at 500,000, what Audi Q6 should I buy, but don't believe it, I really bought it.

Let's talk about this sales model, it's really a luxury family, living a poor life, all sales rely on direct sales, to put it bluntly, there is not even a 4-son store, compared to FAW Audi's sales system, it is simply a generation behind.

Generally speaking, FAW Audi dislikes it, and SAIC Volkswagen dislikes it. It runs on the top and squeezes it from the bottom. If you say that this SAIC Audi is not a living "target", what else can it be?