As a high-end smart electric brand under Dongfeng Motor Group, Lantu has successively launched the SUV model Lantu FREE and the MPV model Lantu Dreamer, both of which have gained good popularity.Today, the Lantu family will usher in the third model. The new car is the mass-production version of the previously released i-Land concept car. The internal code is H53. It is positioned as a medium and large sedan.A few days ago, some netizens have taken spy photos of the new car's road test. Let's take a look at the strength of the H53.

Although the road test is covered with tight camouflage, it is still obvious that the new car is based on the i-Land concept car.The front of the car adopts a down-pressed hood, and a narrow long light group with a through-style below is surrounded by LED light strips, and the middle is designed with a luminous car logo.However, unlike the simple closed grille of the concept car, the U-shaped grille of the road test car is added with blackened mesh elements, which looks more sporty, combined with the C-shaped air intakes on both sides, and the trapezoidal lower grille.And the prominent front shovel looks very combative.

The side of the body adopts the popular fastback coupe design. The roof line starts to slide down from the B-pillar to form a short rear, creating a good sports visual effect., further reducing the wind resistance coefficient.At the same time, it can also be seen that the body is very slender, and the length of the car is expected to be about 5 meters, and the rear through-type taillights will naturally not be absent.

The interior adopts the integrated triple-screen design of the Lantu family, but it is replaced with a square standing style, and an air-conditioning touch screen is also equipped below, thus forming a combination of four-screen interconnection, with a stronger scientific and technological atmosphere.In addition, the knob lever has been replaced, and the two-color interior is more luxurious, while the new upper and lower flat-bottomed double-spoke steering wheel further highlights the sporty positioning.It is reported that the H53 will carry out joint development of NOA and HPP under the SOA framework, as well as the collaborative development of L3+AVP (autonomous valet parking) functions.Models with auxiliary systems.

Lastly, in terms of power, the Lantu sedan may be the same as the Lantu FREE and the Dreamer, offering two power modes of pure electric and extended-range hybrid for consumers to choose from.As for the price, refer to the Lantu FREE, which is also a medium and large car. Its price starts at 313,600 yuan. It is expected that the starting price of the Lantu sedan will also be around 300,000 yuan.Peng P7 and other models compete.Of course, the specific information is subject to official announcements.At present, Lantu has registered trademarks such as Chasing Light, Qiji, and Xinghejian, and it is expected that the new car will be selected as the final name.So, what do you think is an appropriate name?Comments are welcome.