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Joining hands with, Chery's iCar ecosystem expands again

2022-07-29 22:33:46Niu Tianming

On July 28, at the 2nd China International Consumer Goods Expo, and Chery iCar Ecosystem signed a strategic cooperation agreement again to jointly create the "Jingrui Plan".According to the content of the agreement, the two parties will continue to focus on the three major areas of channels, automobile ecology and digital marketing, and continue to deepen the full-link closed-loop service of vehicle transactions and the full life cycle of vehicles.


On the same day, the first new energy vehicle that and Chery iCar deeply cooperated with, the Wujie Pro featuring "performance monsters", also ushered in the official release and debut of the new products at the Consumer Expo.The price is 79,900-101,900 yuan, and it was announced that it will go on sale in August.

In fact, this is not the first time the two parties have reached a partnership agreement.As early as May this year, the two sides have proposed the "Jingrui Plan".According to the plan at the time, the two parties will carry out innovative cooperation on the brand side, distributor side and sales side.The agreement signed this time is more like a concrete demonstration of the last cooperation.

The signing of the agreement is based on's closed-loop online transaction capabilities and's superstore. Chery Auto can fully display new car pre-sale and on-sale models on the platform, which not only helps it increase exposureIt can be seen by more people, save the cost of publicity, and can also create a new immersive car buying experience for consumers.

Data show that in June this year, the number of users of increased by 130 million compared with the same period last year, rising to 521 million.Such a huge consumer group has a huge attraction for Chery to increase its car sales.


In terms of ecological layout,, which has been developing for many years, needs more car brands to settle in and enhance its brand influence. For Chery, can make up for the gap in Chery's service layout in some cities.And Jingdong can indeed help in this regard.

Official information shows that in the supply chain stage, has built more than 1,400 stores and a strong car maintenance service network by virtue of its digital middle platform, strong supply chain management capabilities, and user service capabilities to help car owners solve problems.Vehicle sales services, new energy vehicle services, commercial vehicle services and insurance financial services have built a full-chain automotive service system.

In addition, has also achieved brand output, formulated unified service standards and unified genuine spare parts, and solved the problem of users' trust in offline maintenance stores.


With a huge consumer group and an advanced supply chain, it is difficult for Chery not to make such a choice, which is undergoing intelligent transformation and focuses on customer experience.

Of course, the cooperation with not only solves its own problems in the supply chain and services, but also has a lot to do with the iCar ecosystem built by Chery.

On June 11 last year, Chery Automobile cooperated with Alibaba Cloud and released its first car eco-brand: iCar Eco.According to the plan, iCar Ecology will be committed to creating users' exclusive cars through intelligent customized product solutions and building a connection between car companies and users. At the same time, the first model under the cooperation between the two parties will be named "QQ".


Six months later, the first car of the iCar ecosystem, QQ Ice Cream, was officially launched.As a mini car, the price starts from 29,900 yuan, and it is mainly aimed at the younger generation of consumers, especially the female market.Data shows that the cumulative sales of QQ ice cream in the first half of 2022 will be around 55,000 units.

The success of the first battle of "QQ" gave Chery confidence, and also played a "stimulant" for the later cooperation with, in response to the cooperation with Alibaba Cloud, the official responded that the iCar ecosystem built by Chery will not only have a single partner, but will also carry out more cooperation with other companies, especially at the product level.

Therefore, the cooperation with Alibaba Cloud and may be just the beginning of Chery's construction of the iCar ecosystem.Now holding hands with again, Chery's active embrace of the Internet is mainly due to changes in the marketing environment.

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