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Create a cross-border co-branded movie, Venucia V's moon exploration version debuts

2022-07-29 22:34:13Titanium AUTO

Titanium Media News On July 29, the Venucia V lunar exploration version was officially launched. The new car is based on the Venucia V. It is a model co-branded with the movie "Moon Alone", and some exclusive flowers are used on the side of the body., also has a streamer pedal and a star river sky curtain to highlight the unique feeling.Consumers can go to the store to spend 4,000 yuan to install related configurations and enjoy a variety of benefits.

As a co-branded model, the exterior and interior of the new car have not changed too much. The overall shape continues the design of the current model. The grille occupies most of the front face, and the shape of the internal grille also echoes Kaichen.The triangular design element also echoes the name of the big V.The daytime running lights are integrated into both sides of the center grille, and with the narrow and long headlight group above, the overall appearance is avant-garde, angular, and full of tension.

The side is the biggest highlight of the co-branded model. It adopts the images of astronauts and the moon that fit the theme of the movie, and is matched with blackened multi-spoke black rims to enhance the sense of movement.The rear of the car adopts a through-type taillight design, combined with the horizontal chrome decoration surrounding the rear, which expands the horizontal visual sense, and a hollow spoiler is also designed on the roof part.

The interior basically continues the current design, using a simple black and white color scheme with dual screens.There is a row of physical buttons below the air-conditioning outlet, and it is decorated with chrome, which is integrated with the air-conditioning outlet, and the overall look is very simple.Venucia's latest V-Link intelligent connection system will naturally not be absent. It mainly interacts with users through the central control screen, instrumentation, voice assistant and other forms.The functions include online navigation, voice interaction, Internet of Vehicles, OTA iterative upgrades, etc.

In terms of power, the new car is expected to continue to be equipped with the A415TD 1.5T engine provided by Shenyang Aerospace Mitsubishi, with a maximum power of 190 horsepower and a peak torque of 260 Nm.The transmission part is matched with a 7-speed dry dual-clutch gearbox.

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