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Kobayashi Observation丨Powerful fans of Generation Z users, century-old Lincoln is young

2022-07-29 22:43:55One car

今晚,Lincoln brand again“上新”了.Lincoln Brand Interpretation“美式豪华”的旗舰SUV车型——全新林肯领航员,将以“Tribute to the navigator of the era”为主题,On the official WeChat video account of the Lincoln brand“官宣”上市.


Because of the epidemic prevention and control“常态化”,So many luxury car brands have to think more,Move the event launch venue from offline to online,The launch of the new Lincoln Navigator,The same goes for this“潮流”.

Many people choose“躺平”的年代,Lincoln's various operations look more like an upstream“孤勇者”.

As the founder of a century-old brand, but also the Chinese luxury car market“后来者”,Lincoln refused to“躺平”It's because I don't believe that there is a kind of victory in this world.“躺赢”.所以,never stop never stop“折腾”,As Lincoln continued to advance“新常态”.

Even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic2022上半年,Lincoln still didn't stop“折腾”.

从3月12日全新林肯ZLimousine official announcement“云上市”,到6月24日全新林肯ZThe exclusive title of Backstreet Boys held the world's first online concert on WeChat video account and detonated young users to swipe the screen.from the ongoing“一日店长”用户体验到5月8Mother's day is the day to invite430The remaining car owners gathered online“mother love beat”体验之旅……


修合无人见,存心有天知.数据显示,lincoln's continuation“进击”Finally got the reward of the market.

在BBAand other first-tier luxury brands have reported double-digit year-on-year declines.2022年上半年,Although the Lincoln brand also failed due to the impact of the epidemic“独善其身”,But as in the first half of the sales in ChinaTOP10The only number of units in the luxury brand“微跌”strong player,Market base and terminal price performance can be called“稳健”.

Sales volume is not large、It's not too early for a Lincoln to enter the market,Why became the luxury car market storm in the first half of this year“most capable”the tide?如果要用一句话来总结,that Lincoln has been doing the right thing and continued to do it the right way.


如果你能了解,2022In the first half of China's luxury car market have been through,You will deeply understand that Lincoln was able to“稳住阵脚”how difficult.especially in the Yangtze River Delta、The new crown epidemic broke out one after another in core economic belts such as the Pearl River Delta and Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei,Once let the entire automobile industry and consumption“停摆”.

受疫情管控影响:The logistics of complete vehicles and parts is stagnant、The factory can't work, the product can't be produced,Users can not go to the store terminal sales plummeted,The offline marketing activities of enterprises cannot be implemented, and users can only interact online……Ultimately reflected in production and sales data,就是实打实的“骤降”.

据乘联会数据显示,2022年上半年狭义乘用车累计销量926.1万辆,同比下滑7.2%(注:上险量同比下滑12.5%),除了6月同比增长22.7%,Year-on-year declines in other months,特别是4月销量同比下滑35.5%,上海、吉林等地的汽车消费陷入停滞,5月降幅仍达16.9%.

And focus on the luxury car segment where Lincoln is located,上险量数据显示,In the first half of this year, the number of domestic luxury car insurance declined year-on-year compared with the same period last year.17%,Very unusual scene of luxury car spending leading the decline in the overall auto market.

在疫情最严峻的4月份,The total sales volume of the domestic luxury car market is only16万台,Almost compared with the same period of last year“腰斩”.

上半年1-6月,尤其是BBAThe three major players in the market all experienced year-on-year insurance coverage17%-25%的不同程度下滑.就连一向以“稳增长”the famous lexus,There were close in the first half of the year30%The terminal insurance volume declined.

Wei yong yi difficult times square.从上半年1-6On the amount of risk on to look at,Luxury car sales in the Chinese marketTOP10in the player list,There are two brands with the smallest year-on-year decline,分别是保时捷(-10.1%)和林肯(-9.5%).


Lincoln's sales performance in the first half of the year,Almost synchronized the spread of the epidemic:一季度“高能开局”Satisfy industry expectations——Continuously create Lincoln's best in China2Monthly Sales and Q1 Sales Records,Therefore, it has become the only traditional luxury brand among luxury brands to achieve positive growth in the first quarter..

In the second quarter because of the spread,The Lincoln brand sales in China began to fluctuate,最终在6The month started a strong rebound with the improvement of the general environment.数据显示,The total sales of Lincoln China in the first quarter18215台新车,其中6月销量8322台,同比增19%环比劲增70%,Refresh the best since Lincoln entered China6月销量.


做对事,make the product well“1”

Refuse to choose in any difficult circumstances“躺平”,It is Lincoln's continuous release in China's luxury car market“后发优势”的关键所在.And for a luxury brand new to the Chinese market,The key to breaking the game is still to do the product right and the experience well.

As Mao Jingbo, President of Lincoln China, said:林肯的发展之道,没有其他选项,Only strive to launch products and experiences that truly exceed customer expectations,保持自己的发展步调,为将来长远发展打下坚实的基础,走出林肯品牌独一无二的“豪华 自有其道”.

其中,上市26It has become a fan in China's luxury car market in a month“10万+”的林肯冒险家,It belongs to Mao Jingbo style“get the product right”The most vivid case interpretation.

今年6月,Homemade Lincoln Adventurer welcomes its first10万位用户,Adventurer thus became the first among the Lincoln brand in China market“销量十万俱乐部”的畅销车型.如此优异的战绩,It was unimaginable when the Lincoln brand chose to start the localization strategy.


The competitive environment in which the Lincoln brand was operating at the time could be described as“内忧外患”.“内忧”It was before the replacement of the old and the new in the entire line of Lincoln brand products.“New car out of gear”,Lincoln's brand image is facing a lot of confusion;“外患”当然是以BBALed by the first- and second-tier luxury brands, intensive deployment,Seamless product layout leaves little to the market“空白地带”.

newcomer lincoln,How to pass a super powerful product“one punch open”,How to avoid luxury brands“Domestic trap”见招拆招?最终的结果是,Lincoln adventurer rises to the challenge,A series of innovative marketing forging and focusing on target users through strong product force,luxury among competitorsB级SUVThe market kills a bloody road.

可以说,Adventurer is happy to mention today“10万+”的大获成功,Localization strategy for the Lincoln brand“一炮打响”made headway,He also led the operation of the Lincoln brand in China for Mao Jingbo.“三个坚持”(坚持美式豪华的品牌定位、Insisting on Lincoln and adhere to the value of marketing)的“Maoist methodology”Provides a model for success and builds a solid foundation.

The latest case of getting the product right,Of course the Lincoln, which went on sale more than four months agoZ豪华轿车.China as a faceZA luxury car built by generations of young users,全新林肯ZWith atmospheric fashionable appearance design、“配置满格”Excellent technology experience and sincere pricing,Appears to detonate the attention of young users.


and other existing domestic LincolnsSUV产品一样,林肯Z采取的也是“越级对标”方式向BBA发起挑战——first-line luxuryBPricing of sedans offers young users close to first-tier luxury brandsCThe strong product force of the sedans,The value of the user -level perception is a sense of gain. Therefore, the instant burst.

当然,全新林肯ZIt's not just crazy about the polishing of product strength“堆料”Full of various luxury technology configurations,But in the real insightZGeneration based on user requirements,Concentrate on polishing products and technical highlights,Especially sincerity in the sense of technology and ritual that young users are most passionate about“直给”.

Standard from the whole series12.3英寸+27英寸的1.1Rice factory through-type panoramic screen,To the very futuristic Lincoln Nebula human-computer interaction,Equipped from the car128The color dynamic ambient light is projected to the ground when the door is opened.1.8米巨幅迎宾光毯,从领先BBA的林肯SYNC+Zhixing Internet system to“豪华+运动”双前脸设计……


可以说,全新林肯Z的到来,Let Lincoln bid farewell to only relying on domestic luxurySUVThe first stage of the family's agriculture market in China,Ignite the Lincoln Brand Attack on Luxury at the Lincoln AdventurerSUVAfter the fuse of the market,全新林肯ZThe arrival will undoubtedly bring more young users to Lincoln fans,Open the Lincoln brand in the Chinese market“轿车+SUV”A new era of dual-engine drive.

把事情做对,continue to add later“0”

不驰于空想,不骛于虚声.从2019Since joining Lincoln China and rebuilding the operation team,Mao Jingbo and the team she led“年轻有为”combat team,Actually, keep doing it“难而正确的事”.

目标坚定、Visibility in the long run,Undisturbed by short-term sales and brand traffic,Adhere to the long-term struggle mentality to polish the Lincoln brand、产品和体验,Yes Lincoln has grown steadily over the past three years、The root cause of the step up.

If Mao Jingbo summed up the three principles shortly after taking over Lincoln's China operation rights,It is enough to represent how Lincoln views the Chinese luxury car market.“世界观”的话,Then Mao Jingbo cut out“三板斧”——品牌年轻化、Product intelligence and experience digitization,It can be called the key to the Lincoln brand to break through against the trend“方法论”.


众所周知,In the most competitive luxury car market in the world——中国,Getting the product right is just the beginning,At best the one who did the systematic work“1”,How to control brand tone,Enhance the effectiveness and effectiveness of communication with the target audience,How to connect OEMs and dealers through digital technology、打通线上+Offline full link experience,all in numbers“1”keep adding later“0”.

所以,The latecomer Lincoln wants to break through in the Chinese market where there are many strong players,Gotta get the product right,Then do the rest of the brand and operations in the right way,Only have the opportunity to stabilize the position and stand by to break through.Mao Jingbo and the Lincoln China operations team she led,All you do is these three things——品牌、Product and User Experience(运营).

product polishing,Lincoln's principles were“守正出奇”.For example, the hardware that traditional luxury car users had previously cared about——“守正”It is the appearance design of the atmospheric trend、Solid and stable driving quality and exquisite and luxurious detail experience,This is the consistent strength of a century-old Lincoln,而“出奇”The selling point is mainly intelligent.

Relying on the strong R&D strength of the parent company Ford,The Lincoln brand is dedicated to presenting to usersSYNC+The Zhixing Internet system and all Lincoln models are equipped withCo-Pilot360高级辅助驾驶系统,The two join forces“后来者”Lincoln has achieved one step in the two fields of intelligent cockpit and intelligent driving“后发而先至”.

The same way of leading the opponent to take the lead,It is also reflected in the two dimensions of brand rejuvenation and experience digitalization.

From the first domesticSUVlincoln adventurer starts,Lincoln continues to make decisive efforts in brand rejuvenation and experience digitalization,For example, the launch of the Black Knight Limited Edition and the Alaska Glacier Blue Limited Edition,a lincoln userIDLogin to all Lincoln brand digital platforms、Create user superAPP等,All profound interpretations of Lincoln's brand rejuvenation efforts and embrace of digital trends.


Get the product right first,Then through the two killers of brand rejuvenation and experience digitization,firmly grasp the young user's“心智”,牵住“problem bull nose”的林肯品牌,Although the entry into the Chinese market has“over a hundred years old”,But relying on product iteration and experience renewal,Let this brand continue to radiate youthful vitality in the fertile soil of the East.

“当我们每一次仰望星空,畅想未来的时候,我们从未忘记脚踏实地的耕耘.林肯的每一步成长,都得益于我们坚持做正确的事.So I don't think Lincoln did anything earth-shattering or something miraculous..”As jing MAO wave in a number of public speaking:在这个充满变化的时代,Not being arrogant is not easy.Lincoln can walk step by step,其实都是“守正创新”的结果.(本文作者杨小林系资深汽车媒体人、车壹传媒联合创始人兼总编辑)

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