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To win glory for the Chinese people, Japanese car critics blow up BYD, the rhythm of riding on Toyota Honda?

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Not long ago, the cumulative sales volume of half a year really made BYD popular, and the cumulative sales volume of 640,000 units surpassed Tesla as the king.

In June, sales of 134,000 vehicles were sold. As a new energy vehicle company, it has already sold the dominance of the North and South Volkswagens.

While securing the domestic market, BYD is also quite active in the global market.Now BYD Han, recently, BYD has entered the Japanese market with a high profile, which can be described as infinite.

However, some people are also skeptical about BYD's entry into the Japanese market. After all, Japan is a powerful country in automobiles.Why doesn't the site of Toyota, Honda and Nissan not focus on "Xin Ma Tai" like SAIC?

In fact, when BYD entered the Japanese market, or in other words, when Japan introduced BYD, it was a "single hit".

From BYD's perspective, although the Japanese auto industry is strong, it is hesitant to transition to electrification, especially

"Two fields", therefore, Japan's pure electric market is still a very broad blue ocean.

For the Japanese government, the decline of fuel vehicles is doomed. However, considering that both China and Germany have begun to seize the pure electric market on a large scale, Japanese car companies are looking for other ways to develop hydrogen energy.

However, the actual effect is not ideal. Seeing that Japanese car companies are lagging behind in the new energy market, how can the Japanese government sit idly by?

Obviously, the introduction of BYD can further stimulate the development of pure electric vehicles by local car companies.

So, can BYD's products conquer Japanese consumers?

The first wave of car reviewers in Japan has already evaluated BYD's first models in Japan, especially the BYD Atto 3 (Domestic Yuan Plus).

Among them, there are three aspects that surprise Japanese car reviewers.

First, in terms of design, BYD Atto3 is exquisite from the inside. When seeing the exquisite workmanship of the headlights, car reviewers believe that it can even be comparable to the German quality; and in the interior, it can beThe rotating screen is interesting, and the door handles and door panel map strips are all very interesting ideas.

Second, BYD Atto 3 is the domestic Yuan Plus. Although the price has not been announced, it can be predicted thatFriendly route.

While other models of the same price range have a strong plastic feel, the BYD Atto 3 has leapfrog quality inside, such as the dashboard and doors are made of soft-packed materials, with the application of high-gloss black elements, and, The seam matching of the parts is very accurate, and visually it makes people feel very high-end.

At the same time, the spacious rear seat and luggage space make this car very practical, which is also JapanConsumer's favorite place.

Thirdly, in the test drive experience, the acceleration of this car is quite silky, quiet, and explosiveStrong and impressive.Of course, there are also some minor shortcomings. For example, the shifting mechanism is a bit small, and it is a bit difficult to hold in operation.

In addition, because the "engine" is too quiet, the sound of the air conditioner is a bit loud, but in terms of driving quality, the driving quality is still very good.

It can be seen that the Japanese media are still full of expectations for BYD, at least, in terms of product strength, BYD has conquered them.

So, how do the Japanese people feel about this?

Many people have to admit that China's new energy vehicles are rising at an alarming rate. In the field of pure electric technology, BYD can even surpass Toyota and Honda in the Japanese market.

Don't think this is an exaggeration. You can see that in China, BYD will provide the pure electric technology of some Toyota models, and BYD's strength should not be underestimated.

Of course, there are also Japanese who still don’t buy it. Some people think that the Japanese auto industry has notBYD in the eyes.

In terms of technology and car-making background, "two fields" and Nissan are properly above BYD, but their pure electric start is relatively late. Over time, BYD basically has no room to survive in Japan, just like BYD bus.Japan is in the same predicament.

Concluding remarks

BYD's entry into Japan has caused waves in the Japanese auto industry.

Obviously, BYD's advantage lies in its leading pure electric technology and high cost performance, which is indeed a selling point for pragmatic Japanese consumers.

Therefore, no matter what the outcome is, it shows that the strength of Chinese car companies is increasingly recognized around the world.

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