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Land rover evoque new star of arteries and veins, bravely new height

2022-07-29 23:51:36Oriental Information Automobile

All along, the Land Rover brand has fully demonstrated the brand concept of "Boundless Heart" by virtue of its outstanding all-round performance, wisdom and courage, and all-terrain luxury driving experience.Since its birth in 1948, the Land Rover brand has always been adhering to the never-ending spirit of exploration in its blood. With its excellent ATRS Land Rover all-terrain technology, it has calmly faced different driving environments, and has embarked on countless expeditions to explore the world. With rich off-road experienceAnd the leading technology constantly upgrades the all-terrain technology of the vehicle, while conquering all kinds of difficulties and obstacles, it also makes the spirit of exploration of the Land Rover brand a world-renowned label.

Mark in history

In 1948, the first Land Rover was officially born.It is such a simple and innovative aluminum work vehicle, which perfectly combines simplicity, practicality and stability, so it was loved by many customers at that time.In 2003, the Land Rover brand first appeared in the sight of Chinese people.Since 2015, the classic model Range Rover (parameters丨picture) Aurora under the Land Rover brand has also emerged in the domestic market, and has quickly become a highly anticipated presence in the automotive market.This model combines minimalist design, superb craftsmanship, emerging technology and professional-grade all-terrain off-road capability.And Land Rover's new Range Rover Velar, a large luxury SUV, has won a number of awards such as "2018 China Design Car of the Year" and "2018 China Annual SUV".

Inheriting classics and pushing innovation Of course, innovation and introduction of technology are crucial to gain a firm foothold in the fast-growing automotive market.And at this point, the Land Rover brand has achieved the ultimate.For example, in the new Land Rover Defender 110 model launched in 2020, the Land Rover brand has well inherited the advantages of the family tradition, abandoned the dross, and introduced and innovated many trendy technologies and configurations.The functional-oriented structural design, rigorous manufacturing process, powerful all-terrain capability and "black technology" configuration that conforms to the trend of the times are perfectly integrated, making this model a dream car for many young consumers..

Reinventing the Future Global Strategy

It is worth mentioning that, after launching the global strategy of "Reshaping the Future", the Land Rover brand has also made comprehensive changes under the guidance of this strategy.It can be clearly seen in the new generation of Land Rover Range Rover, which combines stunning modern aesthetics, elegance with unprecedented craftsmanship and powerful performance.It also brings users a richer variety of choices and personalized settings, which can be said to have opened a new door for the development of the Land Rover brand.

Strength to reach new heights

This year, the Land Rover brand once again showed us the brand's hard-core strength with its development thinking of daring to innovate and climb.We launched the 2022 Land Rover Discovery Sports Edition, which combines modern aesthetics and classic style, and made the configuration and craftsmanship of the car an unprecedented height, extremely luxurious and exquisite!Up to now, the product lineup of the Land Rover brand is as follows: Chery Jaguar Land Rover SUV: Discovery Sport, Discovery Sport New Energy, Range Rover Evoque, Range Rover Evoque New Energy, Discovery Sport.Land Rover (imported) SUV: Range Rover Velar, Discovery Range Rover Sport, Range Rover Range Rover Sport New Energy, Land Rover Defender, Range Rover New Energy Freelander 2, Land Rover Defender New Energy, Range Rover Evoque, Discovery Freelander, Freelander.

74 years of hard work have made Land Rover what it is today.After honing, Land Rover cars continue to improve themselves, and the speed of replacement is also very amazing.Land Rover's excellent off-road capability has established the position of the overlord of off-road vehicles. Like many models with a long history, Land Rover is no longer just a car brand, but a culture, a belief in daring to challenge the limit and climb the peak.

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