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The most anticipated trolley listed: byd Model3 fighting!Tiger seal only 209800

2022-07-29 23:56:30car rules

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On July 29th, BYD SEAL was officially launched. The new car launched a total of four models, namely standard battery life rear drive elite model, standard battery life rear drive premium model, long battery life rear drive version, and four-wheel drive performance version. The price rangeIt is 209,800 yuan to 286,800 yuan.At the press conference, BYD also stated that the order for this e-platform 3.0 explosive new car has exceeded 60,000.

Yes, you read that right.The price of the high-end version is similar to that of the Tesla Model 3. The entry price is about 3,000 yuan cheaper than the pre-sale price, and the minimum price is less than 210,000 yuan.At the same time, BYD has also upgraded the product configuration. Users of the Seal 650km four-wheel drive performance version can obtain the iTAC intelligent torque distribution system for free through OTA remote upgrade. At the same time, for the thermal insulation problem of the panoramic roof, the whole system will be given a sunshade...

In terms of technology, BYD Seal is the first to use CTB battery-body integration technology, iTAC intelligent torque distribution technology, rear-wheel drive/four-drive structure, front double wishbone and rear five-link independent suspension.

For reference, the overall structure of the battery pack before this is that the battery cells are first formed into modules, and then the modules are formed into battery packs. Due to technical limitations, a large number of structural parts are often redundant, and the battery cells are often redundant.Only takes up about half the space.On the plus side, this is the same as the foam cushioning material wrapped around fragile items, which can better ensure the safety of the battery pack.

The disadvantage is that it takes up a lot of space. In actual use, in order to avoid causing a bad riding experience, a good "coupe" looks like an SUV, although the concept of a crossover can also be used.To resolve the discomfort of the outline, the visual beauty is really not good.

The approach of BYD's CTB is to replace the lower bottom plate of the body-in-white with the upper cover of the battery pack, not only on the premise of visually making the interior space of the coupe huge, but also in line with "common sense", improving the carThe visual beauty of the system also further improves the safety of the body. The torsional stiffness of the body reaches 40,500Nm/° (Ford Mach-E is 31,000N m/°), and the structural strength of the battery pack can smoothly pass the rolling of a 50-ton heavy truck.Extreme test.

The whole vehicle is low-slung, with a length, width and height of 4,800×1,875×1,460mm, a wheelbase of 2920mm, a golden axle-to-load ratio of 50:50, and a wind resistance as low as 0.219!

The battery capacity of the SEAL standard battery life is 61.4kWh, and the battery life is 550km under working conditions; the battery capacity of the long battery life and performance version models is 82.5 kW, and the battery life is 700km and 650km respectively.

The 100-kilometer acceleration of the SEAL four-wheel-drive version reaches 3.8 seconds, and the long-range rear-wheel-drive version also achieves 5.9 seconds; the standard rear-wheel drive model has a 150 kW motor, and the 100-kilometer acceleration is 7.5 seconds.

The key point is that the car can be charged from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes, and the battery life can exceed 300 kilometers in 15 minutes; and it is fully compatible with all current public charging piles!

At the same time, Seal is also BYD's first model equipped with iTAC intelligent torque control technology, front double wishbones and rear five-link suspension

BYD SEAL is equipped with iTAC intelligent torque control technology for the first time. This technology has changed the way of reducing the power output to restore the dynamic stability of the vehicle in the past. It has been upgraded to torque transfer, appropriately reducing torque or outputting negative torque and other control methods.Keep the vehicle stable.

iTAC adds a motor resolver sensor to the wheel speed sensor.Compared with relying on the wheel speed sensor alone, the recognition accuracy of iTAC is improved by more than 300 times, and the change trend of wheel speed can be predicted more than 50 milliseconds in advance.When there is an abnormality at the wheel end, but there is no slippage, the system has already recognized the abnormal grip, and adjusted the torque matching of the wheel end in advance to restore the stability of the vehicle.

For reference, the seal's elk test passed the vehicle speed of 83.5km/h, the single-line shift test passed the vehicle speed of 133km/h, and the maximum lateral stable acceleration reached 1.05g.

Even if you are a non-professional driver, you can feel the ultimate driving performance.

In terms of power, the standard endurance version adopts a single motor rear drive, with a maximum power of 204 horsepower, a maximum torque of 310N m, and a 0-100km/h acceleration of 7.5 seconds; the long endurance version adopts a high-power single motor rear drive, with a maximum power of 313Horsepower, maximum torque of 360N m, 0-100km/h acceleration in 5.9 seconds; dual-motor four-wheel drive performance version, maximum power of 530 horsepower, maximum torque of 670N m, 0-100km/h acceleration in 3.8 seconds.

In terms of configuration, BYD Seal comes standard with a 10.25-inch full LCD instrument, a 15.6-inch rotatable large screen, a wireless charging pad for dual mobile phones in the front row, an L2-level driver assistance system, a 360-degree panoramic image, matrix LED headlights, reverseExternal discharge and other functions.

High-end models provide 12-speaker Dynaudio audio, heated and ventilated front seats, interior ambient lights, and rear privacy glass.

In short, whether you're a Tesla fan or not, there's no denying that this car really had a powerful impact on the Model 3.The fragrance is really fragrant. If you are interested, you may wish to see it for yourself.

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