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With 300,000 in hand, and still struggling with what car to buy, just take a look at the BYD seal that just went on sale.

2022-07-30 00:11:43car review

For most consumers, with a budget of less than 300,000 yuan, the Tesla Model 3 should be the first choice for buying pure electric vehicles.

Because the Tesla Model 3 is basically unmatched in terms of brand awareness, exterior design and handling performance at this price point.

It is precisely because of the hot sales of Tesla Model 3 in China that domestic car companies have begun to target Tesla Model 3 and launch competing models.

The BYD seal, which went on sale on July 29, is one of them.


Accurately speaking, the BYD Seal may currently be the most powerful and Tesla Model 3 wrestling model.

Because since the car was unveiled, the market attention has been very high.

From the perspective of model positioning, appearance design, etc., BYD Seal and Tesla Model 3 are also relatively close.

In addition, in terms of brand influence, BYD and Tesla are also comparable.


That's why I use the title "Which car to buy with a budget of 300,000, look at the BYD seal".

BYD Seal launched today with four configurations, with a price range of 209,800 to 286,800 yuan.

The new car is also based on the BYD e-platform 3.0. It is positioned as a medium-sized pure electric car. It adopts the design concept of "marine aesthetics". It is also the first pure electric car under BYD Ocean.

In terms of body size, the length, width and height of the BYD seal are 4800/1875/1460mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2920mm.

It should be said that in the design, BYD seals show the sense of beauty, movement and the future at a glance.


In the interior design, BYD Seal also uses the design concept of "marine aesthetics", and uses a lot of soft bag materials in the car.In particular, there are 10.25-inch full LCD instrument panel, 15.6-inch rotating central control screen, HUD head-up display, three-spoke sports steering wheel, L2 level assisted driving, Dynaudio audio and suspension soft and hard adjustment.

The most worth mentioning is that BYD seals also have several major selling points such as "four first rides".

The new car is equipped with BYD CTB body integration technology for the first time, and the blade battery is deeply integrated into the body structure, which greatly improves the safety and quietness of the body.


The new car is also equipped with BYD iTAC intelligent torque control technology for the first time. On the basis of the wheel speed sensor, a motor resolver sensor is added.It can play the role of adjusting the torque matching at the wheel end in advance to ensure the power output of the vehicle and the dynamic stability of the vehicle body under extreme conditions.

In addition, the BYD Dolphin is also equipped with a rear-wheel drive/four-drive structure and a front double wishbone/rear five-link suspension for the first time, which can greatly improve the handling and comfort of the vehicle.


In terms of power, the BYD Seal is equipped with a single motor with a total power of 150 kW, 230 kW and a front and rear dual motor with a total power of 390 kW, and is equipped with a blade battery of 61.4 kWh and 80.5 kWh.The standard battery life version has a charging mileage of 550 kilometers and an acceleration time of 7.5 seconds.

The long-range version has a charging cruising range of 700 kilometers and a zero-to-zero acceleration time of 5.9 seconds; the four-wheel-drive performance version has a pure electric range of 650 kilometers and a zero-to-zero acceleration time of only 3.8 seconds. It is currently BYD's fastest pure electric model.

The new car also supports DC fast charging technology up to 150 kWh, which can charge the battery from 30% to 80% in 30 minutes.


After reading the article, do you think BYD Dolphin is worth choosing for a budget of 300,000 yuan?

It is understood that the current order volume of BYD SEAL has exceeded 60,000 units, and will be officially delivered in August.

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