Under the background that the young market has become dominant, the three words "rejuvenation" seem to have been widely used. Every new car is launched, basically it must be related to these three words.Clicking the side, it seems that the three words "rejuvenation" have become a template, and they have been covered all the time, and those who are rejuvenated with ulterior motives are easily drowned in the waves. Is there such an ingenious model recently?What about younger models?

Beijing Auto Mocon, which was just launched yesterday, is exactly such a model, and it is also the first fuel SUV equipped with Hongmeng OS, which has attracted much attention in the market.

The launch of Rubik's Cube means that BAIC Motor has entered a new stage of youth and intelligence, and it can also be seen that BAIC Motor has invested in this 100,000-class SUV.and sincerity.In terms of appearance design, the Rubik's Cube adopts a borderless air intake grille design, and further enhances the sense of fashion through the current fashionable design elements such as split headlights, blackened sports wheels, and through-type taillights.

The lines on the side of the body are very smooth, the proportions of the body are coordinated, it is equipped with hidden door handles, and creates a fuller and rounder effect through a certain curvature of the body. I believe it will be popular with many young people.consumer favorite.It is a little pity that the electronic rearview mirror did not appear in the production version of the model, and may need to wait for the regulation to be passed before providing it.As for the body size, the new car has a length, width and height of 4620*1886*1680mm and a wheelbase of 2735mm.

In terms of interiors, Beijing Auto Rubik's Cube focuses on the "metaverse" space: the center console of the interstellar engine, the air-conditioning outlet of the Battlestar, and the 3D light effect textured atmosphere lights, which are quite suitable for young people.Taste, which is still very rare in models of the same price range.In terms of hardware, the 10.25-inch full LCD instrument + 14.6-inch central control screen, combined with the three-screen interconnection composed of 60-inch AR-HUD, the visual effect is full of technological sense.

In terms of power, it is equipped with a BAIC "Magic Core" 1.5T four-cylinder engine with a maximum power of 138kW (188 horsepower) and a maximum torque of 305Nm. The engine is equipped with VGT supercharger technology.The transmission system is matched to a 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox, and there are four driving modes to choose from.The acceleration of 0-100km/h is 7.8 seconds, the braking distance of 100km/h-0 is 35.6m, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is 7.18L.

The Rubik's Cube, the first product named and co-created by users, is already synonymous with Generation Z itself.At this launch conference, Rubik's Cube, relying on the strength of the "big devil", not only solved the individual needs of the Z generation, but also solved the brand new height of BAIC Motor's youth and intelligence.