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Audi new car exposure!Produced in Changchun, the gas field is sufficient, and the overall texture is significantly improved

2022-07-30 01:28:26Oriental Information Automobile

When it comes to luxury cars, we have to mention the BBA.But among these three car companies, Audi is definitely at the bottom.

At present, the interior of Audi cars has been complained by people, and it takes a very large discount to make friends excited, so in the field of fuel vehicles, Audi lags behind.Now Audi wants to make a comeback in new energy vehicles. Audi is the first company in the BBA to say that it will stop selling fuel vehicles.

At present, Audi has fully entered the field of new energy vehicles, so its new cars have shown very good product competitiveness, and new cars are also being released one after another.The all-new A6e-tron has been officially unveiled in South Korea. The design of this new car is completely different from the fuel Audi cars we are familiar with. It feels like it will be a few streets away from BMW and Mercedes.So what does the new car look like?Let's have a sneak peek.

From the perspective of appearance design, the overall front face of the A6e-tron is very aggressive, the headlights have become sharp and slender, and the daytime running lights are composed of irregular lamp beads, which are very sharp.In addition, the sports surrounding area of ​​the new car is further enhanced, coupled with the air intake grille with a slightly hollow effect, this A6e-tron is more similar to the R8.

We can clearly feel from the front of the car that the reflector of this A6e-tron is very small and uses an electronic visual reflector, which is also a very big improvement, and will make the appearance of the whole car coolerIt is full of feeling and can effectively reduce wind resistance.

The side profile of the model is quite smooth, and it can be seen that this is a sedan version.In fact, the A6e-tron also has a travel version. In the future, this sedan version will be domestically produced, while the travel version will be imported to us.I have to say that the entire side design is quite smooth, with hidden electric door handles, oversized wheels, red brake calipers, low-slung design, full of appearance, and a high-tech aesthetic.Many people say that the design of this new car is too advanced, what do you think?

The rear design of the new car is more like a performance sports car, with a penetrating light strip, a silver car logo, a super sports rear wing, and a black diffuser.There is no similarity in Audi cars at all, which also shows that Audi has been knocked down and rebuilt in the field of new energy vehicles, and has not borrowed the design of fuel vehicles.

The new A6e-tron is derived from the PPE platform, so the electrification level of the whole vehicle is quite high. According to the bulletin released by the manufacturer, the new car can achieve 100% in 3.6 seconds.

The production base of this A6e-tron has been started and settled in Changchun.So this new car is likely to be officially unveiled in 2023 and delivered in 2024.Interestingly, Jia Yueting's Faraday Future stated that it will set up a production base in China as early as 2025. Do you think Jia Yueting still has a show?

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