The cockpit design of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 gives a refreshing feeling.In terms of design style, I think this cockpit is very simple and full of technology.A 27-inch 4K panoramic unbounded sliding screen is placed on the simple and clear center console, and this large screen can slide 300mm left and right, which is full of creativity.

this piecescreenSupport two modes, ie Smart Driving Mode and Smart Sharing Mode.Smart driving modeeasy to understand,means that the screen is biased towards the driver's side,meet the driver's immersive and focused driving and entertainment needs.In the smart sharing mode, the main driver can share the screen movement with the passenger of the co-pilot, so that the beautiful driving experience can be considered in the whole car.Therefore,the passenger can not only enjoy the entertainment function brought by the screen, but also assistThe main driver performs some screen and vehicle operations!

I simply played with the car system. With the blessing of the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8155 chip, the operation speed of this screen is almost flying, and the system response is very fast.Navigation is cool to use, and the built-in 3D display map.What is more user-friendly is that the navigation interface is also equipped with a floating window in the music and air conditioning functional areas, which can facilitate the switching of common functions during navigation.

The last thing I want to say is that the 4K screen display effect of the new third-generation Roewe RX5 is very good. The UI design of landscape artistic conception has a unique oriental artistic conception in aesthetics, andThis screen is also matched with a brightness display of up to 1000 nits, and the display effect is also very good in the scene where the sun is directly projected into the car.