Thanks toEverest Super ArchitectureEmpoweringNew third generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5Ride space and comfortVery powerful.Enter the car,The most obvious advantage of the new car is the large space,Because it hasa class-leading wheelbase of 2765mm and an extra-wide body of 1890mm.

Data display,New third-generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5In terms of interior space, the vertical space in the cabin reaches 1200mm, which brings enough headroom.The single-sided elbow room of the front row driver is 388mm, and the rear row is 400mm, leaving enough room for the elbows. The front and rear adjustment range of the seat is 240mm, and the height adjustment range is 60mm.This is indeed a "gospel" for consumers who need long-distance travel and driving experience.In addition,the new third generation Roewe RX5/Super Hybrid eRX5Compared with the previous generation products, the center of gravity of the whole vehicle has dropped by 20-30mm, and the height of the hood has also dropped by 20-30mm, etc., which makes Enables already have good body datacar, to create more spaceutilization, to meet the comfortable "just needs" of the family when riding.

With me180cmThe height, sitting in the front row has more than one punch of head space, sitting in the back row has more than two punches of leg room, which is enough for daily family use.In addition, the space in the trunk is relatively flat, withNet pockets, the rear seats can also be folded proportionally, and the space loading capacity is still very strong.