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The first 1.5T Evo2 engine, a car that makes young people trendy

2022-07-30 02:20:15Oriental Information Automobile

In the compact car market for many years, FAW-Volkswagen Sagitar has resisted waves of "involution" and established its own market position.Now, FAW-Volkswagen's new Sagitar is coming. The car has a new interior design and is also equipped with Volkswagen's latest 1.5TEvo2 engine.To put it simply, the new Sagitar has comprehensively innovated many of its own product strengths. Is the new car worth buying?Let's talk about it in detail today.

The car series information of the new Sagitar has been announced. The car offers 1.2T, 1.4T and 1.5T models. The choice is still quite rich, but this may also make it difficult for everyone to choose.Before the end of this year, the new Sagitar also enjoys the policy of "halving the purchase tax", and its car purchase cost is still relatively low.Let's take a look at the product performance of the new Sagitar.(Note: The picture shows the new Sagitar 2023 280TSIDSG Superior Plus version)

During the life cycle of the same generation of models, most new models will adhere to the concept of "unmoving sheet metal parts" in appearance. The advantage of this is that there is no need to re-open the mold and increase the manufacturing cost.However, the changes in the appearance of the new Sagitar are still relatively obvious, and the overall style has also changed significantly.In the front part of the car, the new Sagitar's air intake grille adopts a dot-matrix design, and the visual effect is quite fashionable, and the lower surround adopts a through-type design. With the new shape of the fog lamps, the overall recognition is still relatively high; the side of the body is still relatively high., the new Sagitar adopts the design of double waistline, the layering is still relatively rich, and its overall proportion is also quite coordinated; at the rear of the car, the new Sagitar adopts the design of through-type chrome-plated decorative strips, the overall visual effect is relatively large, the upper part of the rearThe "duck tail" design enhances the three-dimensional feeling.In terms of appearance, I think the overall shape of the new Sagitar is relatively full, and the visual effect is quite atmospheric.

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