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Top with 99,800!SAIC's 7-seat MPV, with hard core strength and affordable price

2022-07-30 02:21:17Oriental Information Automobile

If you were given a budget of more than 90,000 yuan, how would you choose a new car?Should you buy an SUV or a sedan?There is a high probability that the configuration of these new cars will not be too high.

The model introduced today is an MPV, and the flagship model is less than 100,000 yuan. This new car is Wuling Jiachen, which was just launched last month.The price of this Wuling Jiachen is 68,800~99,800, and there is still a good discount margin. There is a discount within one month of listing, which is enough to show that there is a lot of pressure on new car sales.

From the perspective of appearance design, the overall shape of this Wuling Jiachen is relatively compact and very fashionable, which is more suitable for our home use.The air intake grille adopts a matrix layout design, and the internal grille forms a V-shaped design, which is very textured; the headlights on both sides are matched with eagle-eye LED light sources, and the front lip position of the car also uses a chrome strip.To be embellished, the sense of sophistication is very good.

From the side, the overall shape is somewhat similar to Buick's GL6, with a floating roof and multiple wheels, which have a good sense of design.The waistline of the new car is also very straight and three-dimensional, with good sports attributes.

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