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Road and bridge foreign trade exports continue to "ride the wind and waves"

2022-07-30 02:21:42Oriental Information Automobile

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News from our newspaper (Reporter Wang Enxing) Online tracking of transportation progress, providing customers with test data of used cars... A few days ago, Wang Chen, general manager of Zhejiang Fanglin Import and Export Trading Co., Ltd., switched back and forth between computer and mobile phone, replyingEmails and WeChat from customers around the world.

As one of the first batch of used car export pilot enterprises in China, Fanglin has an early used car export layout. Now it has established overseas companies in Japan and Belgium. The market covers the Middle East, East Asia, Eastern Europe and South America. The export of used cars has a good momentum..

"We rely on the previous experience and channels of parallel imported cars, and use them as a channel for used cars to 'go to the sea'." Fang Chongqi, general manager of Fanglin's used car market, said that on this basis, they established their own in the destination country.The marketing network makes the export of used cars more convenient.

Quality and service are the core competitiveness of used cars.Fanglin's second-hand car market has introduced the national standard testing system - "going" certification, added a vehicle 4S shop record query system, "zero tolerance" for bad merchants who "use inferior goods and deceive consumers", and build a "good faith management model store"."Efforts are made to build an integrity system in an all-round way.

Not only that, the first new energy used car hall in Taizhou - Fanglin used car market B area new energy car hall was officially opened. While satisfying domestic consumers, the new energy used cars in this hall will also supply internationalmarket.

"In the first half of this year, our export volume was US$50 million, of which US$45 million was used new energy vehicles." Wang Chen said that in the next stage, Fanglin's used car market will establish overseas warehouses in South America, the Middle East, and Eastern Europe to achieveExport target of 500 million US dollars within three years.

With the new export format of foreign trade as the new driving force for economic growth, and the automobile industry as the breakthrough point, Luqiao District has implemented a series of measures to stabilize foreign trade, such as credit loan support and good use of new business formats and new models, to achieve high-quality development of foreign trade exports.According to customs statistics, from January to June, Luqiao District achieved foreign trade exports of 17.03 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 47.65%.

In addition, Luqiao Daily Necessities and Plastic Products Trading Center is one of 31 national and 5 national market procurement trade pilots in the whole province, which has opened up new opportunities for Taizhou's daily commodities and plastic products industry and small and medium-sized enterprises to develop international markets.Channel, the cumulative export from January to June was 3.888 billion yuan.

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