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The price-performance ratio of SUVs within 150,000 bursts, reborn!Chevrolet got it!

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Chevrolet in recent years both in sales and volume is not very ideal,But the latest Chevrolet seem to begin to understand,Not only the speed of new car to launch faster speed,Also change into new interior.

Calvin elder brother today about the experience for you for a momentChevy's upcoming newSUV――SEEKER.And Chen "brother give evaluation is“性价比爆表!”,That Calvin elder brother why say so,What the car window?一起来看视频吧:


“15万内,Only take into account the personality、实用、And the ratio of joint ventureSUV”,This is Chen "brother experience after given evaluation.为啥这么说呢,Brother Chen summarizes this car3个优点和2个缺点,The following respectively to chat.


SEEKERIs a global models starting in China,Is not for the car,定位为紧凑级SUV.尺寸上比逍客、Song slightly larger,又比RAV4、CR-V小一点.

But it is not a standardSUV的造型,而是一辆跨界轿跑SUV,Style is similar to the BMWX2.Upper body has coupe is fluent and appearance level:

Lower body haveSUVThe high ground clearance and good approach Angle and Angle of departure:

很多人买SUV,Is not really want to cross country,Just to bad way、Don't palm on opposite sides-to hold the road.从这个角度来说,SEEKERThere is no doubt better than cars.

Another young point is thatIt change a new interior.Past the Chevrolet old interior has become the main reason for making a lot of consumer,这一次SEEKER的内饰Suddenly caught up with industry mainstream level.Two big screens create a sense of science and technology is in place,Design and detail also shows enough sports atmosphere.新老对比之下,Progress in the clear:


一般来说,轿跑SUVIn practical aspect will sacrifice,但SEEKERIs good for the practical.主要体现在3个方面.

The first is the space is enough big,Even bigger than I expected.180cmHeight of Calvin elder brother,在调整好前排座椅后,Rear legroom is still more than2拳.

另外,Although the back is a coupe design,But the head of the inner concave design,The head space is more comfortable:

The design of the platform is completely flat,座椅的高度、角度、Such as hardness and softness are just right.后备箱空间也比较大,After the rear seat down but also can form a very spacious room.

That this is a problem,按说SEEKERBody size and wheelbase is not very big,Why space behaved so well?Because it has made the choice and the sacrifice here,Useless all-wheel-drive system、No driving axle independent suspension,These help it saves a lot of space.But also brought some regret,The drawback of the introduced later part,We will talk to you in detail.

The second aspect of a practical reflected inIt still retained a large number of physical keys,Is it in the moment it is difficult to have:

空调温度、风量的调节,座椅加热和通风,The closing of the automatic start-stop and driving mode adjustment,这些All commonly used functions with physical keys control,这一点必须好评.

But there is a detail need to improve,Is the stop lever in front of two buttons,Looking over the wheelJust is blocked:

The third aspect is the practicalThe performance of the machine is very practical.Chevrolet car machine has not strength before,但这次SEEKERThe chariot machine not only clear enough、流畅,还支持无线CarPlay


我们拍摄的时候,Don't know the price of the car,But we can through the two clues about speculate about it.

The first is this kind of car would replace the Chevrolet compactSUV――创界.

The second is the manufacturer claims that its rivals including qashqai、C-HR和领克06等.And more than the car prices are currently on the market in11-15万左右.

所以我们觉得,The car whatever price,In the future real price also is in11-15万的区间.


第一,内饰用料比较一般.Calvin elder brother drive version only the steering wheel and seat is leather material,Most other position basic it is硬塑料.

The second is no all-wheel-drive system version,And driving axle is a independent suspension.The independent suspension in corners handling and turbulence broken roads on the comfort of,Is clearly independent suspension.

But also to,In the good condition of urban driving,And the difference of independent suspension actually also is not big.

Because the independent suspension will be put on one side the turbulence transfer to the other side of the wheel,Thus affecting the overall comfort,But if in good condition,Don't fierce split bending,The non - independent suspension that would not be too obvious disadvantage of.


一番体验下来,最大的感受就是The thinking of Chevrolet changed,What shift?Chevrolet in the United States is a very populist localization,Now at home,Chevrolet has put the joint venture car shelf,Take out the maximum sincerity,Start and independent brands spell level appearance、拼空间、拼性价比,People need what,喜欢啥,What he called the name of.

最后,这款车Still no Chinese name,Do you think this kind of car would call what name??The Chevrolet,We are willing to accept?欢迎大家留言讨论.

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