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Both internal and external repairs, the new pure electric coupe seal is sold from 209,800

2022-07-30 03:32:46Oriental Information Automobile

On July 29, the hot seal announced its listing price. The price of 209,800-286,800 was very popular, and it was 3,000 cheaper than the pre-sale price. The riders who ordered the car cheered again and promised to start in AugustDelivery, Changzhou factory special line production, pick up the car will not be very far.Seal, as BYD's favorite "son" recently, has a brand-new appearance design and a number of new technologies. Even in the highly competitive B-class pure electric car market, I believe it can come first.

The seal is based on the design concept of "marine aesthetics". The sharp shuttle-type headlights on the front face and the bulging rib lines of the front canopy create a strong sense of muscle and movement.The side stretched and smooth body lines are young and energetic, especially the addition of the fastback roof presents the elegant posture of the sports coupe.The rear penetrating water drop-shaped taillight group, combined with the rear enclosure derived from the seal tail fin design, not only improves the visual effect, but also helps to improve the air diversion.The door adopts a hidden door handle design to prevent wind resistance. The wind resistance coefficient of the whole vehicle is controlled at 0.219Cd, which is lower than the Model 3's 0.23Cd, and also lower than the just-launched Changan Dark Blue 0.23Cd, which has a blessing for the vehicle's battery life.The seals are available in 7 colors: Ice Blue, Rosemary Gray, Wind Curly Green, Sea Lens Blue, Xuankong Black, Aurora White, and Atlantis Gray. At present, the most photogenic color is Arctic Blue.Underneath, it has a special texture, showing a beauty as transparent as water.

The interior design of the seal is novel and unique. The instrument panel is like a leaping wave, full of streamlined aesthetics, and the crystal gear lever and the "heart of the ocean" central control layout reflect marine elements everywhere.The 15.6-inch rotating large Pad has the latest DiLink intelligent network connection system built-in, which can support 5G network connection, enjoy the lossless sound quality of Kugou music, and other interesting ways to play, and provide intimate services in all aspects of video and audio.Laser laser engraving process texture, diamond quilting and double stitching process of seats and interior leather are used in the interior, which improves the sporty temperament and the sense of class.The semi-bucket seat is sporty and has excellent lateral wrapping ability, providing full support for high-speed driving.The wheelbase of the Seal is 2920mm, and the size of the B-class car is destined to have a good driving space.Moreover, the full-flat platform design of the rear row makes the riding posture more comfortable and natural.

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