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What are the highlights of the first domestic extended-range sedan?After reading it, I understand

2022-07-30 03:59:55Oriental Information Automobile

With the increasing number of new energy vehicles on the road, and looking at today's gasoline prices, I believe that more consumers will choose new energy vehicles in the future.On July 25, the Changan Deep Blue SL03 was officially launched, with a guide price of 168,900-215,900 for the new car and 699,900 for the hydrogen-electric version.Among them, there is only one model of the extended-range version, which is priced at 168,900 yuan. Compared with mainstream joint-venture B-segment cars such as the Accord and Camry, which are also hybrids, the price of the dark blue SL03 occupies a large advantage. Of course, this is also a domestic car.The general operation of the OEM mainly depends on how much the dark blue SL03 can lead them in terms of products. Let's take a look at it in detail below.

In terms of appearance, the Changan Dark Blue SL03 adopts the latest family-style design language. The entire front of the car is very low, with sharp lines and a prominent front surround, just like a sports car.The headlight group adopts a split design, and there is almost no sense of violation on the body of this car.

The side shape adopts more mainstream designs, such as invisible door handles and sliding back shape. The lines around the windows are painted in high-gloss black. With simple aluminum alloy wheels, it looks sporty.The taillight adopts a through-type design, which shows a more complex internal structure after lighting, and the recognition is good.It can be found that the appearance of the new car is more bold and sci-fi, which is beyond the hybrid of the Accord and Camry.

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