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Breaking into the bloody rivers and lakes of SUV

2022-07-30 04:00:09car K line

Introduction: As the first SUV under GAC Trumpchi's "Shadow" series, the Shadow Cool is aggressive and can be ordered blindly at 8.8 yuan.

When a new car enters the blind ordering stage, it is the norm in the industry to make a deposit of several thousand or even tens of thousands. Compared with this, the blind order threshold of 8.8 yuan for Yingkuo has always been rare.

On July 21, GAC Trumpchi Yingkuo officially opened blind booking, and the intended amount of 8.8 yuan is really attractive; and its blind booking rights of over 10,000 yuan have also become the highlight.

For this blind order, Yingkuo launched a total of 1.5T, 2.0T, 2.0ATK hybrid powertrains, Xinghu Green, Super Star Silver, Snow White, Haoyue Gray, and Starry Night Black.5 kinds of body colors, as well as 3 interior colors of Wujing Xinghu, desert color fantasy, and silver-wing obsidian black, meet the personalized aesthetic needs of current young consumers.

It is understood that Yingku is the fastest model in the history of GAC Trumpchi to achieve mass production of a concept car.The new car is designed with the concept of "technological industrial aesthetics", and is called the future technology pioneer SUV.This can be seen from Yingku's styling design.

The front face of Yingkuo adopts a semi-closed middle grille design, supplemented by the "Eye of Enlightenment" headlights, exuding a strong sense of technology and the future.Viewed from the side of the body, Yingku presents a low-front and high-back posture, and the speed and strength are ready to show; and different from the sharp and ready-to-go exterior design, Yingku's vehicle interior design is warm and simple, realizing a sense of technology.A fusion of comfort.

In addition, Yingkuo is the first model to be equipped with the new ADiGO intelligent driving interconnection ecosystem. It is equipped with two major systems, ADiGO SPACE and ADiGO PILOT, which raises the new standard of intelligent travel.

For example, by equipped with GAC's self-developed ADiGO PILOT super parking, Yingku aggregates functions such as memory parking, remote control parking, integrated parking, and one-key parking, which can realize cross-layer parking.Parking, narrow parking spaces, extreme parking spaces, and indoor and outdoor parking lots can be used for autonomous parking, which completely solves the parking problem.

Yingkuo is also equipped with powerful hardware such as a 14.6-gauge large screen, 8155 Qualcomm Snapdragon chip, and the smart cockpit experience is ahead of its peers.

As the first SUV equipped with Julang Hybrid GMC 2.0, Yingkuo is equipped with GAC 2.0ATK engine, the first integrated dual-motor parallel shaft series-parallel DHT, which can realize multi-speed multi-mode driving andWith high torque output, system efficiency and energy management are optimized for an efficient fuel-saving experience.In the previous one-tank fuel limit test, Yingkuo achieved the longest running of 1711km and a fuel consumption of 3.2L per 100km.

The "Shadow" series is a new product line of GAC Trumpchi, creating a young, dynamic, technologically intelligent style.The Shadow Cool is the second model of the Shadow series and its first SUV.In the future, the product matrix of the shadow series will become more and more abundant.

Since its establishment in 2010, GAC Trumpchi has always left a solid and pragmatic brand image to the outside world.In the first half of this year, the total sales of GAC Trumpchi exceeded 170,000 units, a year-on-year increase of 14.3%; with the entry of Shadow Leopard and Shadow Cool, GAC Trumpchi sales will be further improved.Brand rejuvenation and technology continue to empower.

From the dynamic and avant-garde styling, to the intelligent technology comparable to electric vehicles, to the high-efficiency fuel-saving Julang power, Yingkuo is obviously prepared.Can it stand out from the already red sea SUV market and become a seed player?Wait and see.

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