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Honda's global SUV will be launched, with a stylish appearance and a more sporty shape

2022-07-30 04:10:09Oriental Information Automobile

Honda will have another new SUV on the market, this is a global model, the new car is called the Honda ZR-V Zhizhi.This time, Honda has put a lot of effort into this model. The 1.5T engine can squeeze out a maximum of 182 horsepower, which is very rare in Honda, which is enough to show the importance of this new car to Honda.Moreover, the new car is also equipped with an all-aluminum alloy subframe that is most commonly used in luxury cars, which has better handling and higher cost.

At present, the pre-sale price of this Honda ZR-V Zhizhi has not been revealed, but considering its positioning under Honda, it is likely to be around 150,000 yuan.

From the design point of view, this Honda ZR-V obviously adopts the design of the racing car, which is not the same as the Honda cars on the market.The C-shaped sports surround makes the appearance of the whole model not only tight, but also has an excellent sense of sports performance, which forms a clear contrast with other moderate Hondas on the market.

From the side of the model, the wheel eyebrows of the new car are embellished with piano paint panels, and the windows are surrounded by a blackened coating. Like the front of the car, the entire side is quite compact and has an ideal sporty feel.In addition, the new car is equipped with a double waistline design, which is quite full and very fashionable.

Honda likes to use hidden exhaust pipes, but this new car is no longer low-key. It uses chrome-plated exhaust pipes with a total of two sides, and even the bumper is made of piano paint.The taillights echo the front of the car, are quite slender, and also have brake taillights on the sports rear wing.In the body data part, the length, width and height of the Honda ZR-V are 4568/1840/1611mm respectively, and the wheelbase is 2655mm, which is defined as a compact SUV.From the measurements and wheelbase, we can see that this Honda ZR-V is not a new car that conquers consumers by lengthening the body.

The interior design of the model is basically the same as that of the Honda Civic.A large floating screen with physical buttons, a small screen and a dual-barrel dashboard.In addition, the well-known three-spoke multi-function leather steering wheel also appeared on this model.The mechanical gear lever that Honda has been complaining about also appears on this model.

Although the entire interior design is relatively old-fashioned, we have to admit that the sense of space inside the car is really good.In addition, the new car also has one-button start, electronic handbrake, and the entire center console looks quite spacious and comfortable.As for the seat, it is equipped with black leather material, and the front and rear space is ideal. The high-end models also have a panoramic sunroof and a perforated brown interior.

Power system, Honda ZR-V is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine with a maximum power of 182 horsepower and a peak torque of 240N m. The transmission part is a CVT continuously variable transmission.The new car uses four-wheel independent suspension and is equipped with an aluminum alloy subframe.If such a new car is set at the 150,000 level, would you choose to buy it?

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