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Pick up a number of global starting technology domestic first all-electric squad car models

2022-07-30 04:10:31Oriental Information Automobile

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Science and Technology Daily reporter   Yongli

On July 25th, Changan Deep Blue SL03, the first domestic model with an all-electric lineup, was launched. It is equipped with a number of world premieres and the industry's first mass-produced technologies, realizing the three major superpowers in the fields of intelligence, battery life and three electrics.The breakthrough, in one fell swoop, launched the pure electric version, the extended-range version, and the hydrogen electric version of three energy forms of models.

Changan's new generation of super collectors

It is understood that the Changan Deep Blue SL03 is equipped with Changan's new generation of super-collector drives, which achieves the highest system efficiency of more than 95%.

On the basis of the super collector drive, it also supports the world's first micro-nucleus high-frequency pulse heating technology. Users can start it at home through the mobile APP with one key to achieve rapid heating under ultra-low temperature. There is no need to wait for winter travel.There is also no need to worry about problems such as weak starting, slow power response, and difficulty in acceleration, which greatly eases the experience of electric vehicles in extremely cold weather.

In terms of battery safety, the iBC digital battery steward system has been developed. Through the 2 types of digital pre-control management technology groups and the 7 types of digital temperature control management technology groups, the concept of battery stewards has been realized, with a full range of active and passive safety services.Redefine travel safety.

In terms of intelligent driving, Changan Deep Blue SL03 is equipped with more than ten intelligent driving assistance systems, and has 15 sensing components such as 6 ultrasonic radars, 3 millimeter-wave radars, and 6 high-performance cameras.Greater precision and safety.

Changan Dark Blue SL03, the first domestic model to be launched with an all-electric lineup

In addition, it is also equipped with the first domestic intelligent vehicle domain controller "Changan Smart Core", which integrates more than 1500 core devices, and the synchronous communication rate has reached the industry-leading level. The vehicle control software OTA can be realized in 3 minutes.The upgrade can also provide more accurate remote diagnosis, more efficient energy management strategies and more accurate mileage calculation services.

At the same time, Changan Deep Blue SL03 will also launch the APA7.0 remote valet parking system for the first time. After subscribing to this service, the vehicle will be upgraded to 34 sensing hardware. Under the premise of meeting relevant national regulations, users will mainly useThe scene realizes functions such as memory parking, remote moving, and remote parking, just like an experienced "shadow driver" accompanying him, fully satisfying the user's parking needs in different scenarios.

On the basis of digital and intelligent travel experience,  Changan Deep Blue SL03 has also achieved a breakthrough in battery life.Under CLTC conditions, the pure electric version is available in 515km and 705km versions.

The hydrogen-electric version was also released this time. The cruising range can reach 730km with full hydrogen, the hydrogen consumption can be as low as 0.65kg/100km, and it can also achieve super-fast energy replenishment in 3 minutes.

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