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A family sedan specially designed for the common people, with a fashionable appearance and a more sporty shape

2022-07-30 04:10:36Oriental Information Automobile

I don't know what your definition of a family sedan is. Anyway, no matter what everyone's specific needs are, this price is definitely the first standard. The new Sagitar and the new Bora that we are going to see today are the threshold of 11-13A low-priced joint venture car between the million.At the same time, they also take into account the attributes of low fuel consumption and large space, but as two mid-term remodeled models, the good things they bring to the common people are not only here, as for the specifics, we will look at them togetherCheck it out.#jiajiaohuangxiong speed to witness#

Let's first look at the Sagitar with a higher price. The price range of 127,900-172,900 yuan makes it locked in the special A+-class sedan market, but it can be seen that Sagitar has obvious advantages in this mid-term reform.In order to cater to the meaning of young people, in addition to the three-section chrome strip connecting the headlights, the downwardly extending grille also has a broken-band grid decoration; and the bumper has a lower grille and a penetrating diversion coverage., just like a new image of a sporty appearance kit version.

At the same time, these decorative accessories from the front of the car will also extend to the rear of the car. The new front and rear bumper sports decorations have finally completed a +38mm length stretch, bringing the four dimensions of the Sagitar to 4791/1801/1465mm/2731mm.In terms of line handling, Sagitar is still mainly capable. The sharp upper and lower waistlines will strengthen its light and shadow, while the sharp duck tail at the tail, the reflective tape on the upper end of the bumper after the blackened taillights, etc., are all making it lookPersonalize.

In terms of interior, Sagitar will be divided into upper and lower layers. The upper part is mainly made of slush plastic and is connected to the dashboard cover. The through-type air-conditioning outlet on the passenger side is also here;With a soft case and metallic chrome, it's also where the 12.0-inch touchscreen hovers.

The touch screen and 10.25-inch digital instrument panel will be equipped with a set of CNS3.0 intelligent in-vehicle infotainment system. In addition to the significant improvement in resolution and UI design, it will also realize navigation with real-time traffic information, voice recognition control with air conditioner, car networking system with smart home interconnection, etc., and can have OTA continuous upgrade function in the later use.

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