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Real shot Lexus RX top configuration, hard core, affordable price

2022-07-30 04:29:12Oriental Information Automobile

In fact, I have heard quite a lot of public opinion about Lexus in recent years, especially as its sales volume in China fluctuates, the frequency of its hot search in the public opinion field is even higher.In its luxury SUV lineup, the positioning of the mid-to-large Lexus RX has always been accompanied by controversy, and the positioning of the 400,000-800,000 class has also attracted a lot of praise and criticism for it.Today, this 2020 facelift RX450hL four-wheel drive distinguished version of the 6-seat (guide price is 801,000 yuan) model, in addition to being an extended 6-seat version of the Lexus RX, is also equipped with a 3.5LV6+ dual-motor hybrid system.Because of this, it may be able to answer whether the Lexus RX is worthy of being called a family luxury SUV, or whether it is eligible to enter the first lineup.


In the front design, the Lexus RX is covered by an X-shaped air intake grille. The three-dimensional sharp lines on the A-pillar are inserted into both ends of the grille. The frame is surrounded by chrome-plated metal, and the center is composed of diamond-shaped black particles.In the front bumper, there is a clear strip of sports guards, the longitudinal air guide holes are smaller, and LED fog lights are embedded below.

In the design of headlights, the arrangement and combination of matrix LED high and low beams are very neat. The 3+1 lamp cavity combination is surrounded by lightning-shaped daytime running light strips. The sharp lampshade lamp cavity can bring out some sharpness and recognitionis relatively high.

In terms of side body design, the lengthened Lexus RX body size is 5000/1895/1720mm, and the wheelbase is only 2790mm.Such a size ratio will visually feel short in the front and long in the back, but because of the multi-waistline structure of Lexus staggered up and down, it will not look short.In addition, the extension behind the suspended D-pillar structure is obvious, which is an improvement for the third row and trunk.

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