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The main cost-effective SUV, with a more avant-garde design

2022-07-30 04:30:09Oriental Information Automobile

Some people buy a car with the intention of renewing it every three or five years, but there are also many people who plan to drive for a long time when they buy their first car.Such consumers usually only regard the car as a means of transportation, a personal means of transportation that is convenient for themselves and their families, so they really plan to drive a car for more than 10 years.

So, rather than how powerful smart technology this car has, or how high-end materials it has, maybe they care more about whether this car is reliable after getting older.

Speaking of this, if we are considering SUVs within 100,000 yuan, then the stars from Wuling Silver Label may be an "old man" that can satisfy your car to the end.

As usual, let's start with the price.Wuling Xingchen, which is positioned as a compact SUV, currently has 5 models on sale, with a price range of 69,800-99,800 yuan; from the perspective of cost performance, the threshold of Xingchen less than 70,000 yuan is quite fragrant.In terms of quality, after picking up the more cost-effective stars, is there any shrinkage?

From the feedback of users, in the 2021 car sales ratio ranking list previously released by the car quality network, Wuling Xingchen won the first car quality reputation in 2021 with a complaint sales ratio of 2/10,000.Well, at least from the point of view of the car owners' word of mouth reflected in the market, Wuling Xingchen has won the recognition of major car owners.

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