Lexus, which has always impressed the Chinese people with its luxury and comfort, rushed to the hot search this time because of "the door could not be opened" after the accident of its million-level MPV.

On July 28, a Lexus LM300h was involved in a car accident on a section of Liubei Expressway in Guigang, Guangxi, and then the vehicle spontaneously ignited.One of the three trapped inside the car died because the door was locked.On July 29, the Guangxi Guigang police confirmed the accident. According to the latest report, one person was killed and two others were injured in the accident.As of press time, Lexus issued a statement saying that it will do its best to actively cooperate with the investigation.However, from the video of the rescue process taken by netizens after the accident, there are many doubts surrounding the problem that the car door cannot be opened.

Rescue hampered by 'doors not opening' after accident

According to the video footage taken by netizens, the Lexus LM300h hit the guardrail and parked in the driveway. The front of the car was severely damaged by the impact.All four doors of the car were in a "locked" state, preventing the occupants from escaping.The passing truck driver and others tried their best to rescue the two people under the broken window.In the exposed video, people found a lot of doubts.In a rescue video posted on the Internet, rescuers spent most of the time trying to open the door.In the end, except for the door on the main driver's seat which was pried open by brute force, the four exits including the tailgate were not successfully opened, which also delayed valuable rescue time.

Under normal circumstances, a normal vehicle can open the door directly.But strangely, all the doors are fully locked and cannot be opened either from outside or inside the car.When the person in the co-pilot position of the vehicle handed the vehicle key to the rescue personnel.The other party still cannot open the door with the key.In an emergency, the rescue driver had to pry open the passenger side door through the steel pipe, but it failed to open.In the end, the two passengers in the front row were rescued from the side window of the cockpit.Afterwards, the hood of the vehicle caught fire. When the rescue driver rescued the rear passengers, the rear passengers could not be rescued until the video was interrupted because the trunk and side sliding doors could not be opened.

Industry sources said that the video shows that the door does not appear to be deformed obviously. The most intuitive thing is that the front hood is deformed. Even if the system cannot be automatically unlocked, manual unlocking and key unlocking are completely ineffective.It seems a little strange.

A maintenance technician analyzed "caused by hitting the battery and power outage"

Actually, according to the Lexus LM model manual, "if the SRS air bag is deployed, all doors will be unlocked", "if the vehicle suffers a strong impact, all doors will be unlocked".Depending on the strength of the impact or the type of accident, the system may not work.Judging from the video of the rescue process of this accident, the airbag of the car has been deployed, and theoretically, the door can be unlocked.However, the system is not working properly.Some people pointed out that the Lexus LM's manual is very clever, and it can be understood that it is normal to not unlock it under certain circumstances.As for this "specific situation", it is inevitable that people will question it. This is a universal excuse for car companies to avoid responsibility.

According to the analysis of a maintenance technician at an authorized Lexus dealer, when a high-end car exceeds a speed of 20 kilometers per hour, the door will be automatically locked and the exterior cannot be opened.In addition, when the accident occurred, after hitting the battery of the original car, it caused the power outage and then locked it, so that all the doors could not be opened.However, this claim is equally unconvincing.It can be seen from the video that the double flashing lights of the accident vehicle are still on.Some people questioned that the priority of lighting power supply cannot be higher than the automatic locking function.A senior industry maintenance technician pointed out that the "power outage" is obviously not true.In this accident, there is no doubt that the car has a problem with the door lock.Under normal circumstances, even if the door is locked, after the vehicle has a collision accident, especially when the vehicle air bag has been deployed, the door lock will automatically unlock the door, which can be opened from the inside or the outside, so as to facilitate the rescue of the people in the car.As of press time, Lexus officially issued a statement, saying that it will do its best to actively cooperate with the investigation.

Since January 2020, after Lexus LM officially announced its price in China, the car, known as the "luxury version of Alpha", has a starting price of 1.166 million yuan, and the initial terminal has a price of about 800,000 yuan.The price increase, but the market reaction is still strong.According to industry insiders, in fact, LM owners are paying for the excessive "premium power".In the eyes of second-hand car dealers in southern China, Lexus LM is not a value-preserving model, so they will be more cautious when buying this car.

No matter what the ultimate truth is, after this accident, questions about the safety of the million-dollar Lexus car have been spreading.

Liang Luozhe, reporter from Nandu·Wan Caishe