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Arashi figure FREE won the 2022 WICE world smart cockpit star of "innovation"

2022-07-30 09:54:01car briefing

【2022年7月29日,乌镇】7月29日,为期三天的“2022年(第四届)全球工业互联网大会”It ended successfully in Wuzhen,as a sub-forum of the conference,“2022Global Industrial Internet Conference Intelligent Connected Vehicle Summit Forum”It is a grand event for the intelligent networked automobile industry,during the forumWICE(World Industry Council for the Environment,World Council for the Industrial Environment)The award ceremony of the World Smart Cockpit Awards,岚图FREEWith leading intelligent technology、Warm comfort configuration,斩获“30The innovation star of the level above 10,000 yuan”大奖,It shows the strength of the hard-core products and brand charm of Lantu Auto.

岚图FREE车图01.jpg“2022Global Industrial Internet Conference Intelligent Connected Vehicle Summit Forum”是由中国工业经济联合会、中国电子信息产业发展研究院、工业和信息化部网络安全产业发展中心(工业和信息化部信息中心)、中国工业报社联合举办的,It is a grand event to promote the high-quality development of the intelligent networked automobile industry,极具权威性. WICEWorld Smart CockpitSelection collection消费者、行业专家、Professional laboratory tripartite data,岚图FREE在权威、严苛的深度测评考验中,Gained with the strength of hard core products“30The innovation star of the level above 10,000 yuan”奖项,展现了中国汽车高端智造新实力,也将进一步赢得用户信任.

岚图FREE车图03.jpg岚图汽车CEO卢放表示:“岚图FREE定位于‘性能级智能电动SUV’,Equipped with an integrated liftable triple screen,Four original smart cockpit modes,全系标配20项L2+级智能辅助驾驶功能,以用户需求出发,从电驱性能、驾控性能、大五座空间、Million-level luxury and comfortable configuration and excellent intelligent performance,为用户提供远超同级的驾驶体验,成为30万级SUV价值标杆.”

领奖02.jpgInterpretation of hard core strength 岚图FREESmart Cockpit deserves the award

Equipped with a powerful and balanced product force LantuFREE,A warm and intelligent experience in the field of smart cockpit、卓越的性能、Luxurious and comfortable equipment provides users with a beautiful smart travel life,Become a high-quality model of intelligent electric vehicles.Focus on high-frequency usage scenarios of users,岚图FREE独创V-Moment、V-Care、V-Attention、V-PerformanceFour smart cockpit modes,Smart experience.当用户走近岚图FREE,车辆开启V-Moment迎宾模式,灯组点亮、后视镜&门把手弹出,The air suspension is lowered to the minimum for easy getting on and off;进入车内,FACE IDQuick identification,座椅归位、氛围灯点亮,并同步个人专属信息.V-Performancemode by adjusting the air suspension、氛围灯,Provide users with a smooth driving experience;V-AttentionThe mode constantly monitors the driver's status,Can with voice、震动、Fragrance and other forms of fatigue driving warning,Safe travel;For the frequent occurrence of children's car safety,V-CareMode identifies children through the in-car camera,The child lock can be automatically locked、空气流通、temperature adjustment and other functions,Provide a healthy and safe driving experience for your baby.

岚图FREE车图05.jpgOn the basis of warm and intelligent experience,岚图FREEThe smart cockpit also boasts excellent performance.岚图FREEUsing advanced automotive-grade chips,三块12.3inch screen display delicate、UI逻辑清晰,The three screens can push information to each other、导航线路、Intelligent connection capabilities including audio-visual information, etc,5GNetwork blessing brings more speed、Richer application interaction,Share the wonderful experience brought by many smart cockpit technologies.岚图FREE具备整车OTA升级功能,不仅支持导航、影音、娱乐等SOTA应用升级,Keeping vehicle applications up-to-date provides a cutting-edge experience,And it supports smart cockpit、Air suspension and other body control systems and chassisFOTA固件升级,Make the air suspension more comfortable,More comfortable driving of the vehicle,Keep the car fresh for a long time.

岚图FREE内饰04.jpgin luxurious comfort,岚图FREE也是细节满满.Unique oneAsana triple screen is available根据应用场景自动升降,营造尊贵仪式感,驾控、Entertainment information at a glance.交互方面,Except for touch screen、TouchPad、other than physical buttons,岚图FREE还支持4种手势交互、可见即可说Four-tone zone speech recognition function,Multi-dimensional stereo interaction is more secure、高效、快捷.岚图FREEThe whole system comes standard with full-color rhythm ambient lighting,When night falls, the light group can follow the change of the rhythm and change the color of the voice control,Let the rhythm of the music echo the changes of light and shadow,More advanced audio-visual enjoyment increases the comfort and sense of luxury in the car.

岚图FREEEquipped with intelligent fresh air system,在实现PM2.5Purification basis,Can effectively filter out pollen in the air、Hazardous substances such as dust and formaldehyde,Create a high-quality healthy and comfortable environment for users.与波音787Porthole technology同源的智能可调光全景天幕,通过10Level light transmittance to adjust the transparency of the sunroof glass,While providing passengers with a wide field of vision,营造高度私密的个人空间,Further in terms of comfort,Take the luxury concept to the extreme.


Leap pioneer exhibition style Lantu Auto leads the intelligent transformation of central enterprises   

As a high-end new energy brand built by Dongfeng,岚图汽车是东风“科技跃迁”的先锋力量,作为央企在新能源转型方面的重要布局,Lantu undertakes the vehicle platform architecture、智能驾驶技术、Accelerated R&D and iteration of core innovative technologies such as smart cockpits,首款产品岚图FREEThe smart cockpit built based on consumer application scenarios leads its peers,All-round reconstruction of the user's excellent car experience.具体来看,Lantu has built the world's first native high-end smart electric architectureESSA架构,The architecture can override fromA级到D级车的尺寸,And satisfy the car、SUV、MPVand many other types of cars,实现了敏捷开发、降本增效;业内领先的L2+The advanced intelligent driving assistance system has great growth potential,实现超过26项智能驾驶辅助功能,支持45°和60°斜列车位、Automatic parking in complex scenes such as ramp parking spaces.The central centralized type that Lantu is developingSOA电子电器架构,从用户场景出发,满足千人千面的用户需求,真正实现软件定义汽车.

As a new strength in car building,岚图汽车承载着东风公司品牌向上和探索自主品牌发展新模式的双重使命,更是中国成熟车企转型升级的新标杆.从2021年起,岚图汽车持续推出多款产品,Gradually form the crossSUV、MPV、Class advantage of cars,不断扩展高端电动汽车品牌的产品阵容,引领汽车行业高质量发展,为用户带来更智能、安全、便捷的美好电动出行体验.

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