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Another car company 'playing' with mobile phones, Li Bin said that it will launch a new mobile phone every year

2022-07-30 11:48:16Netease auto industry

NIO will develop its own mobile phone?

On July 28, a Weibo user said that Li Bin, chairman and CEO of NIO, reconfirmed that NIO was deploying mobile phones when communicating with users.

Li Bin said that the NIO mobile phone business is progressing.It is definitely not comparable to a company that sells 100 million mobile phones now. It is not difficult to make a mobile phone now, but it is still very challenging to make a good mobile phone.What Weilai has to do at present is very simple, which is to build a useful mobile phone for Weilai users, and develop a mobile phone every year, just like Apple.

In March of this year, it was also reported that Li Bin revealed that NIO mobile phones are in the research stage.

At that time, Weilai told the first financial reporter that it had noticed relevant reports, and there was no specific information yet.

NIO is not the first car company to connect with mobile phones and mobile communications.

On July 4 this year, Hubei Xingji Times Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Interstellar Times") announced that it has acquired a 79.09% controlling stake in Zhuhai Meizu Technology Co., Ltd. and obtained sole control over Meizu Technology.According to the equity penetration information of Tianyancha, the ultimate actual controller of Xingji Times is Li Shufu, chairman of Geely, who holds about 61% of the shares.

Geely told the first financial reporter that Li Shufu's mobile phone business is positioned as a high-end smartphone, which will give full play to Geely and the Volvo ecosystem in design, R&D, high-end intelligent manufacturing,The long-term accumulated experience in industrial chain management and other fields, as well as the advantages of global layout such as the space-time Daoyu low-orbit satellite network under construction, realize super synergy.The general logic of Geely's current mobile phone is to open up its ecological chain between cars, satellites and mobile phones.

In addition, in late June, Shen Haoming, deputy general manager of SAIC Motor's Technology Management Department, also said: "The combination of mobile phones and cars will attract media attention when any company talks about it.Cooperation with manufacturers is a major trend, and SAIC is also thinking about planning the in-depth integration with mobile phone manufacturers.”

Although the industry generally believes that the technical barriers of mobile phones are far lower than that of automobiles, it is not easy to create a good product that can be favored by users."Although the mobile phone industry chain is relatively mature now, it is not difficult to find an OEM supply chain. For example, you can directly find Foxconn as an OEM, but this only means that it is not difficult to make mobile phones, and it is very important to really do a good job in mobile phones and make it into the high-end market.Difficult." A person related to the mobile phone industry told the First Financial Reporter.

Car companies such as Geely and Weilai have entered the mobile phone industry "without doing their job", or to further accelerate the software strength of enterprises and promote the integration between mobile phones and automobiles.McKinsey's research report shows that consumers in the Chinese market care more about intelligent experience, and more than 80% of Chinese consumers believe that autonomous driving and intelligent interconnection are very important to them.

When cars add the attributes of smart mobile terminals, car companies need to better understand the needs of users for smart terminals."Most car companies are not ecological participants. They still like to define products in the usual way; while mobile phone companies are one of the participants in this ecosystem, they know better what users want." An autonomous driving company'sInvestor Shen Qun (pseudonym) told reporters.

In addition, car companies also have the consideration of avoiding being "stuck" by mobile phone companies when making mobile phones.Li Shufu once said that in the future mobile Internet era, mobile phones and cars are two interconnected terminals, and it is a trend to control cars through mobile phones. If car companies use third-party mobile phones or there are certain security risks, they can avoid this by building their own mobile phones.a risk.

Li Bin said: "Apple is now very closed to the automotive industry. For example, the second-generation platform of Weilai's cars comes standard with UWB, and Apple does not open the interface, which makes us very passive." Li Bin believes that Apple mobile phones are now Weilai'sUser's most important connected car device.“Think about it, if by 2025, Apple does release a model, and 60% or more of NIO’s users use iPhones, then NIO is completely defenseless. If NIO todayIt won't be fun until then without some preparation."

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